Watching Masterchef and The Office. I also went to see Richard Ayoade’s new film The Double. As it’s an adaptation of a Dostoyevsky novella it’s fairly dark and brooding, but it’s a real audiovisual treat and certainly left me with lots to think about. In particularly loved the use of sound, as well as music, throughout. I would definitely recommend seeing it, but not if you’re looking for something hilarious directed by Moss from the IT Crowd.


Listening to I watched Frozen again, so that started another love affair with the soundtrack. Absolutely no shame. We went for a Sunday Nom Nom Club picnic and listened to the sunniest outdoor tunes.

Reading Hotel World by Ali Smith. I loved The Accidental and The First Person and Other Stories so I’m excited to get stuck into this one.

Writing All of the blog posts! Filling up that dreamy notebook.

Eating Great lunches – all about the noodle salads and couscous right now. Obviously a fantastic Nom Nom Picnic (coming up on the Food Report) and a fantastic meal with double pudding at my Nanny’s.


Talking about Old school crafts (hama beads are the best, right?), all of the weddings and engagements in the world (so much love), TV and how much people talk about TV, how great it is drinking a pint in the road, taking a minute, all the books we’re reading, how we use our skills and the power of kale.


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