Watching Old Friends episodes and the end of The Good Wife fifth season.


Listening to Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, on repeat, all day, every day. I wrote the same thing last week, and it’s still true. Of course I was also listening to our amazing friends playing at a beautiful wedding.


Reading The papers and How to Deliver a TED Talk.


Writing Lists and notes in the wedding book.


Eating I’m trying to eat up the contents of my freezer, which is always an interesting challenge. Lots of fresh veg, including some from the roof garden at work, and an absolutely gorgeous wedding breakfast, of course.

IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382

Talking about How old we clearly are if our friends are allowed to get married, forgiveness and being good people, jazzy and snazzy as probably the best compliments ever, podcasts, not watching television, players, tequila, event planning, “quiet August”, holiday planning, what to do with our lives, how it’s probably best to decide what to do with the next year, soulmates, hair dye, having children young, Water Aid, japes and capes, Tinder dates, mini-pegs, raucous friends, wed-minton and pride.

I really had a super beautiful week – how was yours?


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