Watching I’m coming towards the end of The Good Wife, a lot of Friends – I’ve seen hardly any of the early episodes so I’m really enjoying them, and just a little Sabrina. I’m also not ashamed to admit I’ve re-watched the Arcade Fire set from Glastonbury too.


Listening to Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, on repeat, all day, every day.

Reading The papers and poetry.


Writing Just a little bit of a novel this week, which was pretty great. IMG_3305IMG_3314

Eating A lot of beetroot and feta or goat’s cheese, a lot of vegetables, some Italian bakery treats from the market, a Leaf lunch and a Leaf breakfast. IMG_3317

For Sunday dinner with friends I made a rather excellent Asian marinated salmon courtesy of Jamie Oliver, with some coconut rice, sesame cucumber salad and an Asian slaw. This was one of those meals where you pick a centrepiece and then have to throw together the sides, but it worked out rather well. We followed it up with Eton mess, so everyone was happy!


Talking about Whether we could just go to festivals for the rest of our lives, boats, party planning, creating a family of friends, weddings, cooking, the importance of cheese, post-Glasto blues, box sets, uni, boys, fame, loving Greenpeace and which popstar we are.

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