Watching Really not very much. A little of The Good Wife and Game of Thrones (oh my gosh) but mostly I’ve been frolicking outside.


Listening to A lot of Britney, a lot of the Heebies playlist to get us through a big move at work and plenty of 50s tunes to prepare for a very 50s wedding. IMG_3137IMG_3139

Reading I lost my copy of Hotel World but I found it again this week. It’s really such an excellent book.

Writing Too few blog posts again. Must try harder!


Eating Amazing wedding pizza, 9 pies, delicious haricot beans with artichokes and lemons, beetroot carpaccio with feta and a minty lemon dressing, the most amazing tart and ice cream at my Nanny’s house. Family dinner is truly my favourite thing. I picked up some lovely rhubarb at the farmer’s market last week and it inspired a rhubarb and ginger chutney, just in time for Father’s Day!


Talking about How much changes in just a few years, how flipping hilarious we all are, where I want to live for life, becoming grown up, expressing emotions properly, froyo, my plants (I’m obsessed), glitter, Glastonbury, going on retreat and knowing our strengths.

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend and it prompted lots of discussion of how long we’ve all known each other, how far we’ve come and just how much we love each other (yeah, that might have been the cider talking).


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