Watching The Good Wife, it’s excellent! I also went to see the What We Did Next production of Carousel at The Unity on Wednesday. It was fantastic, conjuring up a perfect atmosphere and I’ve had the songs in my head all week.

Listening to The Frozen soundtrack, all of the time, a whole lot of Brit Pop and The Archers, of course.


Reading Nothing at all, it would seem. I keep falling asleep with books instead of reading them.

Writing Very late blog posts. I caught up though!


Eating Lots of yoghurt, of course. I’ve been a little off with my meals this week, leaving it too late to eat and throwing random things on a plate. But I did have some excellent Ottolenghi meals of black pepper tofu and butternut squash with limes. I finally made it along to Frederiks on Hope Street for a pre-theatre dinner. The eatery style is perfect for sharing lots of little pieces – we loved the sliders, slaw and salt and vinegar potatoes, but for me the real stars were those little merguez sausages with a fresh tomato and onion relish.


I also had a pint of their own lager, which was excellent – there’s a great selection of beers on tap as well as delicious sounding cocktails and a spirit shelf that would impress a serious connoisseur.


Talking about Planting out my little ones, how exciting life might get if I wait just a year, the disposable world we live in – I can’t believe how much stuff people have that they just don’t care about, wine, wedding plans, the best methods of curling hair, herbal teas, mystery hand holding, how to use the ridiculous things in my freezer and the best sunsets.


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