Watching I’ve replaced my Masterchef consumption with Great British Menu. Arrested Development – it never gets old.

Listening to Frank Turner, Metronomy, Little Roy, The Strokes, Black Keys, Black Ghosts, Woman’s Hour.

Reading How to Deliver a TED Talk, lots of interesting stuff about careers here, and plenty of poetry.


Writing Summer drinks recommendations and pizza party posts, plus pages and pages in my journal and my little poetry notebook. It’s good to get inspired.


Eating Delicious Ottolenghi aubergines and a post-work ice cream treat. I went to Manchester on Saturday and had lunch at Home Sweet Home. On Jess’ recommendation I tried their cheeseburger toastie. Despite expecting this to be a bit of an overly decadent heavy lunch, it was surprisingly light and absolutely delicious. The sweet potato fries were the perfect mix of fluffy, crisp and salty. We followed up with cakes – a peanut butter and chocolate cake for me with Reese’s pieces on top, a cloudy chocolate and buttercream for Jess. This one was made for Katy Perry’s dressing room! I loved Home Sweet Home – I’ll definitely visit again!


I also had lots of fabulous food at the Farm Feast on Sunday – it’s all coming in the Food Report, of course.


Talking about 

Making things genuinely homemade – I really believe in making things from scratch, and it’s so frustrating looking for recipes that use loads of pre-made ingredients. Growing things (I’ve been planting all sorts of things in my little window garden), awful games of would you rather, the price of makeup, how to make cheese, how hell is probably a never-ending iMessage typing bubble, inappropriate dreams, making the jump from 10k to half marathon, how much my style fits Manchester better than Liverpool and blogging – my friends Grace and Kat both started new blogs this week and I’m so excited to read their posts!


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