Masterchef – totes emosh. Game of Thrones – I’m really glad it seems to have got exciting again because there were a couple of episodes where I thought maybe I was bored with it.


Listening to Matt Costa, Jack Johnson, Vance Joy, The Black Ghosts, She & Him, Robyn, Frank Turner, Damien Rice, Jazzsteppa, The Cat Empire, Gabby Young, Regina and lots more. I’ve been doing a lot of dancing this week.

Reading Lots of things for my feminist politics course – it’s pretty fascinating! I’ve also been adding to my cookbooks (I know, it’s an affliction) so they’re getting some attention.


Writing I spent a couple of lunchtimes this week writing bits for my novel. I’d fallen a little out of love with it but I think having a little holiday and feeling creative again has rekindled it for me.

Eating Some lovely fresh soups with spring greens and poached eggs, lots of delicious treats from my colleagues’ birthday gift, some great lunches (a post on this is coming soon), a picnic in Abercromby Square, a Thursday night treat at Lucha Libre (prawn and mango tacos, yes!), Food Slam deliciousness on Friday and homemade pizza on Saturday (more on this in this week’s Food Report).


Talking about Texting, scandals, revolution, the best way to make an iced coffee, who keeps cruising up and down the marina, meal plans, Ottolenghi, A Levels, how grown up everyone is, weddings, whether we should start a street food stall, whether I should become a teacher (having my yearly crisis where I decide it’s my calling), Game of Thrones theories, being a graduand, why people always pop up when you just don’t need them to, birthdays, love at first sight, revision techniques and passwords.

Summer really hit for me this week, with lots of time spent outside soaking up the sun and laughing til my sides hurt. It’s beautiful!


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