tiny dragon on the road welcoming you to the weekly report

A tiny road dragon welcomes you to this weekly report! The things you see during graduation week…


Watching Friends, Friends, Friends. 

Listening to Arcade Fire, Gabby Young, Ed Solo, Black Keys, Metronomy, Aloha’s 60s vibes and Heebies downstairs indie. A lot of This American Life. 

Reading All of the papers and lots of blogs, but mostly recipe books.

Writing Short stories about my dreams.

iced tea

Eating I’ve been on a massive noodle hype lately and I made an amazing curry. A decadent chocolate cake that I whipped up for a birthday and a properly British cream and strawberry cake (recipes coming next week!). I also had a great dinner at Yardbird, but that’s coming up on the food report tomorrow.

quiche, salad, potatoeschocolate ganache cake

Talking about Drinking games, embarrassing moments, kisses, holding hands, players, all of the birthdays, Timehop, getting stuck in a lift, painting, how my cayenne plant grew a pepper, Glastonbury food and my favourite Liverpool cocktails. This was a bit of a shorter weekly report this week, but you can go and read those posts instead!

strawberries and cream cake

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