I’ve mentioned my love for green tea before. I’m on a quest for the perfect cup now. The perfect cup will probably come from a loose leaf, but for day-to-day I am currently enjoying the Twinings range.

Mint green tea is essentially a gateway tea. Everyone loves mint tea (you don’t? Keep drinking it, everyone likes it eventually), so this is a good way to get into green tea if you’re looking for the health benefits but aren’t sure about the flavour.


Lemon is for zingy moments and extra good in the morning when you need a little refreshing wake-up (especially if you’re trying to replace a coffee habit!). The Peach and Cherry Blossom is luxurious and fragrant, almost like the Earl Grey of green teas. I also really like the Twinings packaging and their teas are often on offer in the shops (this is how I ended up with 3 flavours!).

When you’re brewing, don’t forget my tip to avoid burning the leaves!



Sitting in the sunset with a cup of Peach and Cherry Blossom Green Tea whilst my new Lily-Flame candle, a gift from Mama, fills the flat with the wonderful springy scent of freshly cut grass is a rather wonderful way to unwind from the day.

Have you tried Twinings Green Tea? Which brands of green tea do you like?

P.S. If you enjoyed my post on the Farmers’ Market a little while ago, I would love it if you took a look at this petition to stop the council selling it off!


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