Another week, another little round-up!

Watching Season 5 of Community. Donald Glover leaving breaks my heart, especially when this season is really back on form. Also Season 5 of Archer started without me realising, so I’m catching up!

Listening to Eminem because of this gem, Nat King Cole and Mary Poppins.

Reading I finished Tipping the Velvet and it was fantastic. I can’t believe it’s Waters’ first novel. Next I’m probably going to be picking up The Secret History. It’s especially cold at the moment so I’m looking forward to some cosy reading evenings.

Eating  My first solo-cooked roast dinner from scratch and a tarte tatin! I’m quite happy with how it turned out although it could have been more caramelised.

Lusting after Men on trains. Cookbooks and kitchen things, especially tiny ramekins.

Talking about I went on training about interfaith – so I’ve been talking all about conflict resolution, self-reflection and dialogue. Aside from that I’ve been chatting about goals, holidays, love and the most incredible Saturday night puddings.

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