Taking pictures of my Saturday shoes seems to be a new tradition

Watching Old episodes of The Office (the US version although I like both!), Mary Berry cooking some great food and silly Come Dine with Me moments. 

Listening to A lot of Fiona Apple, a little smidgen of Arctic Monkeys, some strong Motown and I can’t stop singing this.

Reading The Men Who Stare at Goats, which is ace so far – I really like Jon Ronson’s writing style. I managed to pick up two new cookbooks from the charity shop for just £2.99 this weekend, so I spent my Sunday reading them in bed.


People usually keep Delia books for life, so they’re well worth snapping up if you see them.

Writing Little poems, letters and tear-stained journal pages.



Eating A two-hour lunch at Free State Kitchen with Emily including the most incredible affogato, another brunch at Leaf with old housemates, a first meal at the new East Avenue Bakehouse (you’ll see this in detail in the Food Report on Tuesday), a quick home cooked dinner for those old housemates, noodle soup, a roast dinner and a pear and almond cake from my new River Cottage book.



Lusting after The warm sun.



Talking about No make up selfies – I think the idea of no make up selfies is amazing; women reclaiming their faces from a patriarchal standard of beauty is incredible. I also think raising over £2million pounds for Cancer Research is incredible. I’m not entirely sure where the two cross over and I’ve seen so many people clearly still wearing make up claiming they have ‘done their bit’ for cancer awareness which is pretty infuriating. All the same, it’s still great to donate. You can text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 to Cancer Research and if you have extra pennies both Teenage Cancer Trust (TEEN to 70300) and CLIC Sargent (HELP to 70030) are incredible charities very close to my heart. 

In the interests of taking my face back I take selfies all the time (there’s probably a whole post on this to come at some point) and these are a couple of no make up ones:



I also spent the week talking about big life decisions – it’s been a bit of a tough one but luckily my friends are full of love.

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