Watching Modern Family and the Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure. I love that they made their own miso and that it’s the fashion in Japan at the moment – it seems that going back to homemade is a global trend.

Listening to Apparently my Disclosure and Fleetwood Mac phase hasn’t stopped yet. I’m also listening to a whole load of radio dramas.

Reading The Secret History (I know, I’m taking my sweet time), a little book called Choose Yourself, the papers and Sylvia Plath. There is really a Plath quote for every moment.

Writing With my Lent commitment in mind, I’m adding a writing section to my weekly report. This week I wrote the shortest of cathartic short stories, a couple of blog posts, and lots of words in my journal. It’s amazing to really sit down and write again, and I’m pretty grateful to myself for making it one of my Lent promises.

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Eating  Treats at Free State Kitchen and Lucha Libre (plus fajitas and quinoa at home, I’m clearly on a Mexican kick), homemade pizza (I need a pizza stone immediately), delicious packed lunches and breakfast bircher at my desk, quinoa with black beans, a Caribbean feast at the latest instalment of our supper club (more on this in this week’s Food Report) and apricot ice cream on a farm.

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Lusting after A country house and charity shop purchases.

Talking about Whether poached pears are really a pudding, weddings (and not being hungover for them), miso, Lent, therapy, friends really being the family you choose for yourself even if it’s a cliché, heartbreak, earning potential, vacuum cleaners not hoovers, how much we love Modern Family where we should build a village, moving to the country, sexuality, just thoughts, which is really the funniest Cards against Humanity card, travelling and snapbacks.

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