Watching House of Cards (it’s great) and whilst I was home at the weekend we watched a lot of Gavin and Stacey. I’d forgotten how much it makes me laugh. Apart from that, the rugby and a whole lot of TED talks.

Listening to Debussy, Metric and all of the Gabby Young. She’s such an incredible, moving talent. 

Reading Still The Secret History, and over the weekend I read The Defining Decade after a very kind friend lent it to me. I would definitely recommend it!

I get a paper almost every weekend, but this week I was back at home. There is a certain special joy in reading the paper with my family – everyone grabbing the supplements they like best and doing the crossword together.

Eating  I went home for my Grandpa’s 80th birthday, which meant lots of fantastic food and wine. Friday started with an edition of supper club, with Chinese food this time. I made a Vine here but completely forgot to take photos!

On Saturday my family headed to the Burleigh Court Hotel for a wonderful lunch. I had never been before but the food was delicious and the service wonderful; we were constantly attended to without feeling like anyone was hovering us. Having our own dining room meant that we felt at home and could make as much noise as we liked; just as well – we can be a pretty raucous bunch!



Lusting after Salted caramel and pastry (as per).

Talking about Life and love, goals, books, leadership, holidays, university, weddings, assertiveness and the merits of a good jigsaw puzzle. Fortune cookies always bring up talk of the future…


During his birthday speech, Grantz told us a few fantastic stories, including the time he nearly drowned in the pool of the very hotel we were dining at. He also shared with us lots of photos including this one:


My Nanny carried it around in a huge pocket in her handbag when they were courting; now that’s real love – none of this photos on your phone business.

I’ll leave you with this glorious picture of some hilarious sisters…


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