IMG_2381Watching Masterchef, The Thick of It, Deputy Dawg, Sleeping Beauty, Watch with Mother. It was a weekend of childhood reminiscing at home. This is just too much.


Listening to  The new Correspondents album and anything I can play on the ukulele, plus a Saturday night trip through everything Radio 1 love and a smidgen of Tenacious D on an impromptu night out.


Reading Not enough books. This week, I promise. Instead I’ve been reading knitting patterns.

Writing Biography notes.


Eating Easter treats, obviously, including homemade hot cross buns and three puddings on Easter Sunday. Rather a lot of extravagant leftovers from French supper club.


Talking about The best way to put a bra on, which member of One Direction we are, how do bunnies cuddle, who owns space and how the economy will work there, knitting lessons, what to do with our lives, ideas people versus business people, camping, moral dilemmas, mortgages, weddings, green tea, people who don’t deserve our headspace.


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