This week I got a little behind – I’m back now though with lots of posts for this week!


Watching I’ve been completely over-excited about the start of Masterchef, soothed and amused by too many episodes of Adventure Time and ever-so-slightly sobbing over the final season of How I Met your Mother. 

Listening to Amy Winehouse, Athlete and A Milli. Yep, apparently it’s 2008.

Reading Cookbooks, as ever. I seem to be reading about 4 books too – I need to finish some this week .

Writing Flash fiction, not quite enough blog posts, tiny journal doodles and work notes in my shiny new notebook.


Eating Free State Kitchen burgers again (top tip: the French Onion Burger is amazing and they’ll make you a single version if you don’t want to eat 2 burgers!), another lunch at East Avenue Bakehouse, a croissant with a bucket of tea in Manchester, a BLT of dreams at Baltic Bakehouse and a Lent-cheat salted caramel tart (just the one time, ok!).




The box reminded me of the bakery in Camberwick Green, which made me very happy.

Lusting after The sun that I wished for last week arrived and it was glorious. Also totes lusting after getting that hour back.

Talking about Where life is going, this being the time of our lives, appropriate music to have sex to, equal marriage, everyone being so very very strong, family dynamics, PhDs, unwanted communication, all of the dinosaurs and space at the World Museum and where the Library have hidden the Shakespeare.

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