A Sunday night meal at my Nanny’s usually means at least two delicious puddings to choose from (or rather say “yes, please” to both). Special occasions, though, call for extra sweet treats, especially with so many of us round the table. For Easter Sunday I found myself faced with three puddings.

The first was hidden away in its own paper parcel.


The second was a banoffee pie with the thickest buttery biscuit base I’ve ever seen and plenty of cream on top.


The third was a pavlova with chocolate running through the meringue and mangoes with strawberry syrup all over the top. Both of these were stunning, although I’m sure everyone feels like that about their grandmother’s cooking.

P1070936 - Copy

And what about that exciting parcel? It was a simnel cake, of course! Our whole family are absolutely obsessed with marzipan, so a marzipan-topped cake with a hidden almondy centre is pretty much our dream celebration. It’s a traditional Easter cake but we’ve been known to demand it for birthday cakes in the past, such is our love for it.


We washed everything down with a glass of limoncello and some coffee. Luckily I cycled a late night 10k to cancel some of it out.


What did you eat this Easter Sunday?

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