I have a bit of a problem. I am a serious lover of salty and sweet things. It is with great delight that I have observed the world get on board with this trend. I want it all: chocolate covered crisps, salted caramel anything, peanut butter and golden syrup sandwiches (that’s definitely one of my childhood foods). But my favourite, and most accessible, salty sweet snack is popcorn. It’s something I’ve been doing for years, making the cinema mix sweet and salty together, putting my hand over the top to shake it all up and then licking the greasy salt and sugar off my hand in a disgusting fashion.

But a combination of the salted caramel obsession that started out as artisan but is now ubiquitous, along with the fact that popcorn has become the snack du jour, sold in bags like crisps and marketed to us as a guilt free treat, everyone’s at it.

In the interests of science and this blog, I decided to review a few. All for you, of course.

I had a few kind friends to help out pre-supper club (yes we ate snacks before the feast).

First up, Marks and Spencer’s offering. This is marketed as ‘guilt free snacking’ which should probably set alarm bells ringing in the first place. I really don’t care about the calorie content but this is actually the most calorific, if that’s something that interests you. This was also our least favourite of the popcorns. There wasn’t enough salt or sugar involved, so this was mostly bland popcorn in a less-than-well-filled bag.

The Metcalfe’s Topcorn came in second in our (mostly-unscientific) poll. This was mostly well seasoned, with a good balanced of salt and sugar, and a satisfying little crunch to their outer shell.

They were just pipped to a win by…

Propercorn had the full package, starting with a well-filled popcorn package! This one had the perfect mix of salty and sweet, with well-coated popcorn that had flavour and crunch on every piece. I’m pretty sure the trick is that Propercorn is made with brown sugar, so it’s a little sticky and luxurious (pretty impressive at only 129 calories). It’s completely delicious and available from Tesco; it’s rapidly becoming my favourite snacky treat. We highly recommend it!

Do you love sweet and salty popcorn? Next time I take on a popcorn trial I’m going to add Tyrrell’s and Joe & Seph’s to my list. They do a double salted caramelĀ version. And smooth caramel, mirin, soya and sesame. I have some pretty strong feelings about this.

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