Since the ‘eating’ section of my weekly report normally takes over the post I have decided to start a separate food report for recipes, reviews and so on. I hope you enjoy it!

This leek and taleggio tart is one that my mother has made for me on several occasions; it comes from a Nigel Slater recipe and it’s delicious. We’re both big fans – cookbooks that I can take to bed with me and properly read are my dream.

This week I thought it was about time I attempted to make it for myself.

Taleggio is an Italian cow’s milk cheese, somewhere between soft and hard. I grabbed mine from Delifonseca and it was a good one, perhaps not as tangy as some that I’ve tried, but deliciously creamy and full of flavour nonetheless. I absolutely love the smell of leeks, and pulling them out of my bag and cooking them down in butter really smelt like the promise of spring.┬áThe combination of sweet green leeks and cheese is perfect, almost an upmarket cheese and onion.



This tart is delicious hot from the oven, oozing milky cheese onto the plate, the pastry glistening and flaky. The next day though, it’s almost even better – when cold it forms proper slices which lift perfectly from the pie. For my day-after portion I had half a slice hot and half a slice cold, so delicious were both options.


My tart split a little at the top, but I’m never one for worrying too much about presentation. I served it with green beans and spinach with a mustardy dressing, but it would be great with a salad or even some creamy potatoes for a more hearty meal.


The best bit of this tart might be that I have a little taleggio left over! What would you make with it?

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