I really love creating new traditions. My friends and I can sometimes be a bit stuck in our ways when it comes to our little rituals and places to go, but we’re still always looking for new things to add to the list. When Olivia returned from Thailand last summer she wanted to cook us all Thai food. An afternoon in the pub and a few pints later, our supper club was born. The idea was simple – pick a theme, pick a date, everyone brings a dish or two and then we eat it all! Nom Nom Club was born.

So far we’ve had curry, Mexican, Japanese food complete with sushi, American diner, Alpine dining, Christmas nibbles and Chinese. This weekend, we headed to Stafford for a Caribbean edition.


We had goat curry, prawns, jerk chicken, rice and peas, sweet potatoes, slaw, and mango salsa – all washed down with a Red Stripe and rum punch. Nicole made an incredible upside down pineapple and coconut cake for pudding.





We all agreed that Caribbean supper club was our best ever Nom Nom – delicious food on a beautiful day, everything was ready at the same time (we’ve been known to forgo a sit-down meal in favour of grabbing things out of pans in the past), and no excessive leftovers!

We played Articulate and Cards against Humanity late into the night, and a good time was had by all!

Have you ever been in a supper club? Do you like to hold dinner parties?

I’ll pop the rum punch recipe (it was constantly changing really) in the drinks report on Thursday. 



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