I swear when I started the drinks report I envisioned it being about tea and smoothies, but it seems to have taken a turn to the alcoholic.


Punch is one of my favourite things – take all the drinks leftover from house parties, anything gross that you want to get rid of, some fruit and some ice, et voila – a delicious (and only slightly lethal) treat! For Caribbean supper club last weekend we made a rum punch. In all honesty it was an ever-changing beast but in the end we reached something delicious which I would definitely recommend if you’re looking to make a party in a jug.


We started with rum (obviously – Sailor Jerry’s is a good spiced option but I’m keen to try Kraken Rum soon and we had a bottle of Navy’s for the non-spice lovers) and a tin of mango pulp (you can usually buy these from world food shops or large supermarkets). We threw in pineapple and coconut ¬†juice (you could go with malibu for the coconut but we went for a dark rum instead), lots of mint leaves and ginger beer. The fizz combats the sweet syrup of the mango, but you can play with your quantities to get the right mix for you and your friends!

To make this week a little more healthy than the weekend, I’ve also been drinking all of the vitasoy (you can grab this in Asian supermarkets and it’s too delicious for words). I just need to resist the urge to make it into punch.


What delicious things have you been drinking this week?

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