First up on this week’s drinks report, mango lassi. For those of you who don’t know, lassi is an Indian yoghurt-based drink, the mango version of which is now almost widely available in the UK. Last night we went on a little work trip to Lucha Libre and I had a Mint and Mango Lassi with tequila in it. Tequila and I are not friends, but this drink might rekindle our relationship (for those of you reading who know how I react to tequila, be reassured that I didn’t fall down). This drink was delicious, creamy and just a tad alcoholic, and to be honest I really love any drink with a spring of mint in it.


As it’s World Book Day I also wanted to share some drinks related books that I love or would love to have. Infuse: Discover the World of Tea was a gift from Emily years ago, but I still like to flick through its pages every now and then. The innocent smoothie recipe book is a firm favourite as I love a good smoothie (another blog post about them will be coming soon) and this book has plenty of inspiration. I have occasionally lusted after the Savoy Cocktail Book, but I would also say that any cocktail book is an ideal 18th birthday gift (I received a tinned collection of recipe cards which served me well!), and for real World Book Day points it has to be Tequila Mockingbird. I will truly never stop laughing at this pun.

Today I would also recommend Carol Ann Duffy’s Teawhich so perfectly captures love in tiny rituals, and to remember what Hemingway said:

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

What are your favourite poems, books and stories about drinks? 

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