Alongside the food report, I am also starting a drinks report – here you’ll find tea, coffee, wine and the occasional wildcard. Enjoy!

As a lover of tea, I was dubious about the idea of instant teas. It conjures up visions of weak Lipton Instant and overly sugary drinks.

But Whittard’s does a really extensive range and over the last year or so I’ve tried several of them and been converted!

First,  it was mulled wine tea – a Christmassy non-alcoholic cup of red spiced tea that is incredibly warming when it’s not actually appropriate to drink wine. I thought this would be cloyingly sweet, as so many instant-Christmas things are. On this occasion, thought, it’s excellent.

Mulled Wine Tea

This was just the start of my conversion though. Back home I had the Turkish Apple Tea which my family love. This one can be drunk both hot or cold and is quite frankly delicious. Beware, this is a sweet one – it’s super tangy and flavoursome too but very sugary. In moderation, though, it’s incredible. Add a sprig of mint for a non-traditional addition.

 Turkish Apple Tea

To make my final conversion, my stocking had a big pot of Dreamtime Tea. It’s flavoured with honey, apricot and vanilla – as my mother said “This is my idea of hell, but I knew you’d love it”. I really do! It’s soothing before bed and really tastes of tea alongside the sweet fruitiness.


Despite my surprise, I really love these instant teas and can’t wait to try some new flavours.

Do you like instant teas? I’ve only tried Whittard’s ones so far – what are your favourite brands and flavours?


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