I’ve always had more of an affinity with tea than coffee, but the occasional cup is a real treat.

I picked up this Little’s Café Amaretto a few weeks ago. I love amaretto so this was a pretty natural choice, albeit an impulsive purchase. I really love the packaging and the idea of an instant coffee that still cares about flavour.


I don’t really like the syrupy flavoured coffees you find in coffee shops as they’re just too sweet for me, but this isn’t like this at all! The coffee tastes rich and creamy, with a hint of that almondy flavour I love so much. It’s perfect with hot milk and a cake on a rainy afternoon, but it’s just as good with a splash of milk hastily thrown in of a morning.


Little’s Coffees sell at £3.60 for 50g, which is obviously more expensive than your average instant, but it’s also a lot more delicious worth saving for a Sunday morning extravagance.

It’s testament to how good this coffee is that I’ve been popping it in my Thermos a couple of mornings a week instead of my usual cup of tea.

I can’t wait to try some of the other flavours, especially Irish Cream.

Do you like flavoured coffee? How do you make yours?

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