Whilst I was at home last week I benefited from our endless supply of wonderful teas. I drank lots of old favourites, of course, but I did try some new ones including Taylors Sweet Rhubarb Tea. Having seen the gorgeous advert (I loved the Flower Fairies as a child!) and with the flavour highly recommended by my mother, I was intrigued to try it. I had been a little put off by the ‘sweet’ in the title, as I can’t really bear sweet tea, but I think this is just to encourage people that it’s not going to have the sour-faced-wincing effect that unsweetened rhubarb can have.


The ingredients include sweet blackberry leaves, which I suspect give the bags themselves the fantastic leafy fruity smell, hibiscus and rose hips for the pink colour, and real rhubarb. Given the number of supposedly-natural teas made with only flavourings, this was quite refreshing. All together, it makes for a tangy, flavoursome tea that is still tart and light despite its dalliance with the saccharine. I think it would be perfect with a custardy pudding or a rich, creamy cake – the tartness would cut through all that cream, but rhubarb is still a sophisticated enough flavour for a tea party or an after-dinner drink.


The Sweet Rhubarb tea is part of a collaboration between Taylor’s and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, and the whole range seems to have been lovingly created. The tea bag itself was nice and strong, and you could see all the lovely bits of fruit and herbs inside (no floor sweepings here). The packaging is great and the other teas look fantastic – I’m particularly keen to try the Blackberry & Elderflower, Spiced Apple and the Peppermint (I always want to try new mint teas).

Have you tried Taylors Sweet Rhubarb tea? What’s your favourite fruity tea?

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