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The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching The end of the Bake Off, with new pyjamas, pie and pudding; Educating the East End, a rewatch of Peep Show and a weekend dose of Spaced.


Listening to The new podcast from the This American Life team, SerialIt’s absolutely engrossing, and I love how much the team are working to get new people listening to podcasts.

Reading Still The Secret History. It’s taking me forever but I don’t care because I love it.


Writing I wrote a very quick poem in my new notebook this week and it felt great.


Eating A completely incredible meal at the London Carriage Works (coming up on the Food Report), a Mexican supper club meal, an afternoon tea, a Byron burger, pancakes and bacon, fresh produce from the roof garden, a wonderfully made chicken and chorizo stew, Ottolenghi ricotta fritters and the first soups of autumn.

IMG_3986IMG_3982IMG_3990IMG_3993 copy

Talking about Liverpool, London, exciting new opportunities, dates, photos, people being adorable, my dream shop and sleep (or lack of it).

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Bake Off, Cuckoo, too much Saturday morning cookery TV. 

Listening to The Archers, This American Life, lots of Fleetwood Mac.


Reading Sadly I’ve been a little bit too busy for reading books – I’ll try to get some done this week! I did grab a copy of Bitten though, which I’m really enjoying, and I’ve been lusting over my copy of Plenty More!

Writing A million emails.


Eating Lots of Ottolenghi, including a salad made my his very own hand. That was at the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, where we also sampled tiny pulled pork sliders, halloumi, Dukes Cold Brew coffee and various baked treats. It was an excellent way to  spend a weekend!


Talking about Liverpool and how much I love it, buying fresh produce, what I’d keep on my smallholding, and rather obviously, food!


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


An ever so slightly belated weekly report, but it’s been a very good week! I returned home from Bournemouth to spend time with my family, and then to Fieldview (which you can see above). It was a beautiful week with family and incredible friends who might as well be family. It was a rather wonderful place to see summer drifting away.

Watching Bake Off of course. I’ve rekindled my love of Green Wing, which is providing endless entertainment. I haven’t made it to watching Doctor Who yet, but it’s on the list.


Listening to The Archers (such drama), everyone’s Desert Island Discs, the wonderful tunes at Fieldview this weekend, lots of Electric Swing Circus and a smidgen of Pixies.

Reading I finished The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared and we discussed it at book club which was just fabulous. All books should be discussed over soup and tiffin making. I’ve started The Secret History by Donna Tartt, which I’ve had on my Kindle forever with the intention of reading but not got around to.


Writing More short stories. I can’t seem to stop the words. Endless lists. I realised this week that I hadn’t ordered a new Acad-Pad and it is September already, but one is on its way to me as I speak!

Eating Some excellent hometime meals, a 2-in-1 pie, Olivia’s incredible pad thai, a dreamy lunch after hours on the train, zingy grapefruits, a halloumi and orange salad, lots of blackberries, some of them baked into a crumble cake, the best mid-festival burger of my life and a fairly excessive amount of chocolate treats.

IMG_3656 IMG_3655IMG_3643

Talking about Smooches, scavenger hunts, trains, additional pylons, inappropriate games, life admin, when it’s time to be a grown up, the start of term and first days at school, pensions, parties, Christmas, superhero powers, coffee, sewing skills, how my chillies turned red! 


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Mudeford Quay

This weekly report is mainly brought to you with pictures from beautiful Dorset. I headed to Bournemouth this weekend for a mini holiday with some of my favourite people, plenty of food and lots of games.

Watching The Bake Off and Educating Yorkshire a year on.


Listening to All of my wonderful friends’ Desert Island Discs. It’s the best game – play it with your pals! The whole family caught up with The Archers yesterday – lots of yucking and screaming ensued.


Reading The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared. Read it, it’s excellent (I’ll probably write up a more detailed report on this if you’re not convinced!).

PancakesSconesDavid Bowie drinks breakfast of champions breakfast

Writing Lots of notes from lengthy, tea-fuelled, creative meetings. A few extra short stories – I’m coming to the point where these might be ready to be put into a little collection.

tiffinP1080634P1080627 P1080628

Eating So much food! Last week was mostly spent using up ingredients ahead of leaving for a week off. Then I headed to Bournemouth where we picnicked, cooked a Nom of the Seas feast, had the best breakfasts and whipped up an amazing roast. It was a weekend of love and deliciousness; you can’t really ask for more out of a bank holiday.

The Weekly Report: Mudeford Quay

Talking about Our best creative ideas, travel plans, being superheroes, cape making, being grown ups, scores out of 10, moderate opinions, confusing Desert Island Discs, ridiculous sexual encounters, dating techniques, Tinder, creating the dream family, buying a house, nesting, the best method of catching crabs, keen texters, the others who never text back, hand holding, assertiveness, being borderline aggressive, inappropriate games, how terrible we are at drunkticulate.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Old Friends episodes and the end of The Good Wife fifth season.


Listening to Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, on repeat, all day, every day. I wrote the same thing last week, and it’s still true. Of course I was also listening to our amazing friends playing at a beautiful wedding.


Reading The papers and How to Deliver a TED Talk.


Writing Lists and notes in the wedding book.


Eating I’m trying to eat up the contents of my freezer, which is always an interesting challenge. Lots of fresh veg, including some from the roof garden at work, and an absolutely gorgeous wedding breakfast, of course.

IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382

Talking about How old we clearly are if our friends are allowed to get married, forgiveness and being good people, jazzy and snazzy as probably the best compliments ever, podcasts, not watching television, players, tequila, event planning, “quiet August”, holiday planning, what to do with our lives, how it’s probably best to decide what to do with the next year, soulmates, hair dye, having children young, Water Aid, japes and capes, Tinder dates, mini-pegs, raucous friends, wed-minton and pride.

I really had a super beautiful week – how was yours?


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Really not very much. A little of The Good Wife and Game of Thrones (oh my gosh) but mostly I’ve been frolicking outside.


Listening to A lot of Britney, a lot of the Heebies playlist to get us through a big move at work and plenty of 50s tunes to prepare for a very 50s wedding. IMG_3137IMG_3139

Reading I lost my copy of Hotel World but I found it again this week. It’s really such an excellent book.

Writing Too few blog posts again. Must try harder!


Eating Amazing wedding pizza, 9 pies, delicious haricot beans with artichokes and lemons, beetroot carpaccio with feta and a minty lemon dressing, the most amazing tart and ice cream at my Nanny’s house. Family dinner is truly my favourite thing. I picked up some lovely rhubarb at the farmer’s market last week and it inspired a rhubarb and ginger chutney, just in time for Father’s Day!


Talking about How much changes in just a few years, how flipping hilarious we all are, where I want to live for life, becoming grown up, expressing emotions properly, froyo, my plants (I’m obsessed), glitter, Glastonbury, going on retreat and knowing our strengths.

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend and it prompted lots of discussion of how long we’ve all known each other, how far we’ve come and just how much we love each other (yeah, that might have been the cider talking).


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching I started watching The Good Wife this week and I really like it! It almost makes me want to become a lawyer.

Listening to I went to the Summer Ball at work on Friday so I’ve been hearing a whole lot of Clean Bandit and Foreign Beggars. Special mention for the Juicy DJs who played Blu Cantrell, Independent Woman and loads of other favourites.


Reading Byron Katie’s Loving What Is and How to Deliver a TED Talk. I keep trying to read lately but instead I fall asleep with a book on my face.

Writing Lists, mostly, and texts that I never send.


Eating The asparagus I got at Claremont Farm last week. I made a quick Saturday supper of asparagus, poached eggs and homemade hollandaise. I’d never attempted a hollandaise before and I have to admit I made a split attempt first, but on my second pan it was a success! Another skill for my repertoire. Lots of other Farm Feast leftovers in delicious couscous salad, homemade almond biscuits, an amazing goats cheese with beetroot at Leaf and a great Baltic Bakehouse feta and tahini sandwich.


Talking about Food, boys, how much my little plants are growing, which camera I’d like next and how young people are. On Friday night there were people not dancing to Destiny’s Child! Couldn’t handle it.


IMG_2917 IMG_2921

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Masterchef and The Office. I also went to see Richard Ayoade’s new film The Double. As it’s an adaptation of a Dostoyevsky novella it’s fairly dark and brooding, but it’s a real audiovisual treat and certainly left me with lots to think about. In particularly loved the use of sound, as well as music, throughout. I would definitely recommend seeing it, but not if you’re looking for something hilarious directed by Moss from the IT Crowd.


Listening to I watched Frozen again, so that started another love affair with the soundtrack. Absolutely no shame. We went for a Sunday Nom Nom Club picnic and listened to the sunniest outdoor tunes.

Reading Hotel World by Ali Smith. I loved The Accidental and The First Person and Other Stories so I’m excited to get stuck into this one.

Writing All of the blog posts! Filling up that dreamy notebook.

Eating Great lunches – all about the noodle salads and couscous right now. Obviously a fantastic Nom Nom Picnic (coming up on the Food Report) and a fantastic meal with double pudding at my Nanny’s.


Talking about Old school crafts (hama beads are the best, right?), all of the weddings and engagements in the world (so much love), TV and how much people talk about TV, how great it is drinking a pint in the road, taking a minute, all the books we’re reading, how we use our skills and the power of kale.


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

IMG_2381Watching Masterchef, The Thick of It, Deputy Dawg, Sleeping Beauty, Watch with Mother. It was a weekend of childhood reminiscing at home. This is just too much.


Listening to  The new Correspondents album and anything I can play on the ukulele, plus a Saturday night trip through everything Radio 1 love and a smidgen of Tenacious D on an impromptu night out.


Reading Not enough books. This week, I promise. Instead I’ve been reading knitting patterns.

Writing Biography notes.


Eating Easter treats, obviously, including homemade hot cross buns and three puddings on Easter Sunday. Rather a lot of extravagant leftovers from French supper club.


Talking about The best way to put a bra on, which member of One Direction we are, how do bunnies cuddle, who owns space and how the economy will work there, knitting lessons, what to do with our lives, ideas people versus business people, camping, moral dilemmas, mortgages, weddings, green tea, people who don’t deserve our headspace.