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The Drinks Report: The Curio Canteen Cold Brew Coffee

The Drinks Report: The Curio Canteen Cold Brew Coffee

At Fieldview a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of trying The Curio Canteen’s Cold Brew Coffee.

The Curio Canteen Cold Brew Coffee

Whipped up in a kitchen dedicated to honest ingredients and exciting treats, I absolutely loved the flavour, brand and adorable packaging of this coffee. Anything that makes me feel like a school milk monitor is a winner in my book. The coffee was delicious and well flavoured without being too sweet (you know I hate that!). Just look at all that beautiful, real vanilla!

It was perfection as a morning pick me up after an indulgent evening, but we also tried it as part of a White Russian with vodka and butterscotch schnapps which was definitely the best coffee cocktail I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tried a few!). This might have been one of the many reasons we needed a pick me up!

Definitely look out for The Curio Canteen on your travels, or find them on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr if you can’t wait that long. You can also join in their Kickstarter and get a marshmallow in a flavour of your choice!

The Curio Canteen Cold Brew Coffee

It’s not often you get a picture of me here, but that’s apparently how much I loved this coffee!

The Curio Canteen Cold Brew CoffeeWhat’s your favourite cold brew coffee?

All photos courtesy of Laura Herman

The Drinks Report: Iced Chai Latte Recipe

The Drinks Report: Iced Chai Latte Recipe

After last week’s foray into iced green tea, today I was looking for something milky to accompany a slice of cake and potting up my plants. I absolutely love chai, and I’m going through a real iced coffee phase at the moment, so I decided to go for an iced chai latte recipe that I could share with you.

Lakeland silicon tea bag

I used my new Lakeland silicon tea bag, a handy tea strainer that is easy to fill and perfect for no-mess tea brewing.

I filled this with Kandula Ceylon Ebony Chai Tea. This is one of my favourite chai teas as it’s got a really interesting and many-layered flavour. I think it’s the rose petals that make it so good.

Iced Chai Latte Recipe

To make my iced chai latte, I steeped a bag of the Kandula Chai in just a little water for about 15 minutes – enough to really concentrate the tea flavour into the water and let it cool a little. Whilst it was brewing I added some honey to sweeten the tea. You can use sugar or honey but I prefer the latter for a mellow sweetness rather than the high notes of sugar.

I added plenty of ice and topped the whole thing up with cold milk before enjoying. You could make this an extra treat by using half milk and half condensed milk or cream, or I think it would work fantastically with almond milk. Be sure to adjust your added sugar if you use any sweetened milk.

Iced Chai Latte Recipe Iced Chai Latte Recipe

Do you like iced chai? What’s your favourite loose leaf tea?

The Drinks Report: Fending off a Cold

The Drinks Report: Fending off a Cold

This week I am under the weather. In many cases, quite literally, as Liverpool has decided to see out April with some very seasonal showers. But figuratively speaking, I’ve been coming down with something for a couple of weeks and over the last two days it’s really started to make me feel groggy, achy and sad. I’m a firm believer in feeding a cold, so this evening I’m serving up sausages, mash and peas, with lots of proper gravy. Comfort food at it’s absolute finest.

What else do you do when you feel ill? Google it, of course. If you’re me you Google all the natural cold remedies, and decide to brew up a hot toddy with it all. What I’m going to list to you now sounds absolutely disgusting, but is actually delicious and is already soothing my throat and reviving my brain.


I filled my biggest mug with water twice and popped this in a pan with a cinnamon stick, a lemon and ginger tea (it always makes me think of the Thick of It obsession with lemon zingers), and a chamomile and honey tea (Twinings ones). I forgot to pick up a fresh lemon but the tea just about made up for it. I chucked in a good pinch of cayenne pepper, cinnamon and turmeric, plus a little cider vinegar (I usually measure it in the cap, so I put a couple in for this). Then a tablespoon of honey (you could add more, or I have seen other drinks like this with fruit sugar) and a glug of port. You could leave the alcohol out, or add the one of your choice, although I would recommend one of your warming hot-toddy ones such as whiskey or brandy, rather than a vodka or, say, Malibu.


The Drinks Report: Lassi and books

The Drinks Report: Lassi and books


First up on this week’s drinks report, mango lassi. For those of you who don’t know, lassi is an Indian yoghurt-based drink, the mango version of which is now almost widely available in the UK. Last night we went on a little work trip to Lucha Libre and I had a Mint and Mango Lassi with tequila in it. Tequila and I are not friends, but this drink might rekindle our relationship (for those of you reading who know how I react to tequila, be reassured that I didn’t fall down). This drink was delicious, creamy and just a tad alcoholic, and to be honest I really love any drink with a spring of mint in it.


As it’s World Book Day I also wanted to share some drinks related books that I love or would love to have. Infuse: Discover the World of Tea was a gift from Emily years ago, but I still like to flick through its pages every now and then. The innocent smoothie recipe book is a firm favourite as I love a good smoothie (another blog post about them will be coming soon) and this book has plenty of inspiration. I have occasionally lusted after the Savoy Cocktail Book, but I would also say that any cocktail book is an ideal 18th birthday gift (I received a tinned collection of recipe cards which served me well!), and for real World Book Day points it has to be Tequila Mockingbird. I will truly never stop laughing at this pun.

Today I would also recommend Carol Ann Duffy’s Teawhich so perfectly captures love in tiny rituals, and to remember what Hemingway said:

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

What are your favourite poems, books and stories about drinks?