After our hectic first week in New York, we needed a Sunday of recovery.

We started with brunch at Jams, a really fun restaurant with plenty of sweet and savoury brunch options. Whilst my boyfriend opted for dark chocolate pancakes with syrup and a side of bacon, I went for eggs, sourdough toast and burrata. This was some of the creamiest, lightest burrata I have ever tasted; it was as good as in Italy!

I drank a peach bellini, which was really packed with fresh peach and still a fairly long drink for the morning.

From Jams, we walked into Central Park. We were really excited to visit such an iconic place and it didn’t disappoint. As soon as you step off the road you are struck by the greenery but also the quietness. It was astounding that we had just left the beeping and humming of the city and were now in this oasis.

We walked through the trees and found ourselves at the baseball fields. This was really cool – my boyfriend is a fan of baseball and I knew next to nothing about it so we were pretty keen to see a game up close. We watched a portion of a game and I got a crash course in the actual rules – it was so much fun!

We also relaxed on the grass for some time before deciding what to get for lunch.

We headed to BONMi for a sandwich – we got a bit addicted to these in NYC! I got even more addicted to Vietnamese Coffee and drank it at every possible opportunity. There’s nothing better on a hot day – sweet, creamy and a little caffeine kick!

After a swim and a nap (what else are Sundays for?), we weren’t quite in the mood for dinner but we were definitely in need of dessert. I hit up Yelp for recommendations and it became very quickly apparent that the only option for us was momofuku milk bar.

This has the most incredible selection of desserts; all of them a little outlandish! They’re ‘flagship’ product is a cereal milk ice cream. It really does taste like the milk left at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes! We tried the crack pie – essentially a pie full of butter (we love butter) – and a crack pie milkquake, which is the pie blended up into a tub of cereal milk ice cream. It’s thick and creamy but as it melts it also becomes more like true milkshake. The pie is sweet and the ice cream is just a little salty, which for me was just the most heavenly combination!

I mentioned my love for Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my post about the New York Public Library. We were walking onto 5th Avenue eating our ice cream and I was just saying “Tiffany’s must be around here somewhere” when I realised I was looking across the road right at it!

We ate our desserts and looked at all the Tiffany’s windows. It was a pretty special little moment for me.

After our wander down 5th Avenue, we returned to our hotel, The Peninsula, and headed to the rooftop for a cocktail.

First I tried a Ning Sling – Hendrick’s gin, mint, lychee, and passionfruit. This really packed a passionfruit punch but wasn’t too sweet – the gin and mint came through wonderfully.

 Now we all know that mixing is a dangerous thing, so I stuck to my favourite – gin. This next cocktail was called The Liability (!!) and contained gin and watermelon juice, with a cucumber garnish. This garnish was really key to the whole experience of the cocktail. As you brought the glass up to drink, the smell of the cucumber would hit you and totally enhance the cucumber from the Hendrick’s gin. The overall result was fresh and sophisticated and generally fabulous!

The rooftop was the most wonderful way to end our Sunday. People watching, silly jokes, a cool breeze and the view of the city were just about everything we needed.

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