I bought my first Davina DVD (the 30 Minute Workouts) seven years ago, and have been a big fan of her fitness products ever since. I now have the Super Body Workout and High Energy Five boxset as well, and all of them are fab.

The Davina Fitness app launched at the end of last year to coincide with the release of her lastest DVD, Intense. It’s split into three sections of workouts: Cardio Tone, Sculpt and Running Fit. The Cardio Tone and Sculpt sections are also split into beginner, occasional or experienced. This means you can choose a really tailored workout or take it down a level if you are having a particularly intense week. There is also a good range of exercises targeting certain areas such as Upper Body Shape Up or Work It Hard Abs, whilst others including Body Burn or Boot Camp Blaster are great whole body workouts.

Each workout has a list of all the exercises included, and timers count down your current exercise as well as the entire workout. A box shows you the exercise that will be coming up next. I find that all of this is really motivational – it’s much easier to keep going if you know there are just 10 seconds left!  I also really liked the timed element as I sometimes find the repetitions a little slow on the DVDs, and with this you can increase or decrease the reps as you please.


If you are not familiar with an exercise, a video is available to explain each. I would definitely recommend watching these in advance of your workout, especially if you have never used a Davina DVD before (the exercises will mostly be familiar to those of you have), as it’s really important to keep a good posture and avoid injuries.

Each workout is 20 – 30 minutes long, meaning you know you can always fit one in somewhere. I find it a lot easier to do a 20 – 30 minute burst on most days than find an hour less frequently. It also keeps your exercise really fresh and exciting, especially as you can take your workout outside! Some of the exercises, particularly in the sculpt session, require weights. If you are doing a lot of exercising at home I would recommend investing in some as they can really enhance your training, but be sure to have tried them at the gym or closely followed the DVDs first as this is where you have the highest chance of injury. I use the Davina dumbbells, which are great, but obviously others are available.

The Running Fit section works on the principle of high interval training combining running and walking, with stretches at the end. I absolutely love interval training and after not running for a few years this has really helped me get back into it. There are 14 levels within the running pack so there is always a new challenge. There is also a GPS function if you just want to run and map your route. You are rewarded hearts for making progress and Davina also shouts encouraging things at you as you run! The personal trainer upgrade (£1.49) allows you to set your own goals and make a personalised plan, although I think the free version of the app is just as good.

The app is compatible with Spotify, which will play in the background, or the music stored on your phone which can be played through the app. There is also an option to buy Davina’s playlist from iTunes.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Davina Fitness app. The workouts are mostly high intensity so you still get a good amount of exercise compared to heading for the gym or using a DVD. It is particularly good for fitting in a workout on a busy day and very easy to use.

Please note: I am not a healthcare or fitness professional and this review is based purely on my experiences as an exercise enthusiast. If you have reason to believe exercising could cause you any problems, or you are returning to exercise after an injury, it  is best to consult your GP. I have not mentioned weight loss as it is not one of my fitness goals, but I do think that regular use of this app could help if it was. 


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