Today I finished Oranges are not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. What a CRACKING book (I’ll admit I probably don’t have a career ahead of me as a book reviewer).

Quite apart from the fact that it highlights the impact of the church on women and LGBT, it’s a flipping excellent look at female fear of the body. Jeanette’s mother isn’t repulsed by her daughter being a lesbian, far more importantly, she is repulsed by her being free with her body, whoever that might be with.

I think this is a pretty common phenomenon, not just amongst controlling mothers, but in young women themselves. The amount of girls I know who are uncomfortable naked, or admitting they might have ever had sex, or *shock horror* even masturbated.

It scares me that people are living in fear of themselves – you aren’t a mind with a body, it’s a part of you. Embrace it, go jump about naked! And don’t even get me started on the sex shaming – sex is NORMAL, people, it’s allowed to be fun, you can have it with whoever you want! You don’t have to talk about it, although if you want to you should be able to, but if you have some crazy fetish and you keep it secret from everybody but the one occupying your bed, that’s all that matters, because you’re having fun! This goes for boys too.

I feel like I’m on some kind of sex positivity mission. I’m going to write my next essay on female acceptance of the body and sexuality, and in my head (probably not on paper) I’ll be calling it SEX HAPPENS.

Read Oranges, I think it’ll change your life. (And for a little further reading, this article from Jeanette herself.)

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  1. It is normal but it’s also not the be all and end all and people (girls and boys) shouldn’t feel they have to to be liberated with their bodies! When it happens enjoy it but the emphasis to talk about shouldn’t make people feel they have to be having sex if it’s not right for them.

    Peace and Lovin

    1. Definitely, I wasn’t trying to say people should have sex when they’re not ready, more that if they do or don’t they should be able to talk about it and feel happy in their decision. I guess I just came at it from that angle because I quite often feel like people are ashamed of me if I try to talk about these things openly as a woman. I mean more liberation of the body within a person’s self, so that they’re comfortable with themselves and their own feelings, rather than liberation by having sex or showing it to someone else.

      Thanks xxx

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