Last week after a rather arduous train journey I met Kate for a trip to Yardbird, the newly opened chicken shop on the corner of Berry St and Duke St in Liverpool. As it’s on my walk home from town I have watched with interest as they fitted out the shop, put up the signs and then drew cactuses on the windows to tell us about the chicken and shakes.

Yardbird Liverpool food

As is our usual way when trying a new place we went for a selection of things to try and share. Kate had the chicken with biscuit and gravy, whilst I tried a chicken or egg burger. Kate was a bit concerned about the potential sweetness of the biscuits, but said that it was actually pretty delicious, if a little filling. The chicken or egg burger was perfect chicken with a crispy coating and tender inside, plus pancetta, swiss, a deep fried egg, salad, pink sauce and a Drumstick for afters. It’s an absolute hot mess – I wouldn’t necessarily advise this as a spot for a date – but it is a real treat. The deep fried egg was the most intriguing element for us, and was like a poached egg with an ever so slightly crispy outer. Brioche buns are a bit of a fad that I know is not for everyone (you know a trend food has probably gone on too long when it appears in Tesco) but I really love them, so this was excellent for me.

Yardbird Liverpool chicken or egg burger

To accompany these we had French fries, which will be perfect for you if you’re a fan of the ones from the big yellow M. As regular readers will know, I love a good slaw (it’s not a Nom Nom Club if I don’t make a slaw), so any establishment selling two versions will be in my good books. We opted for the red cabbage, raisin and pine nut which was the perfect mix of crunchy, sweet and tangy from the flecks of wholegrain mustard peppered throughout. No gloopy mayo here!

Yardbird Liverpool food

Our star of the evening was the buffalo fried cauliflower florets with blue cheese. I love roasted cauliflower so I suspected I might like these although I was a little dubious about the blue cheese. I was wrong! The creamy but light cheese dressing was the perfect foil to the spicy tang of the buffalo sauce, and we ate these up with delight.

We washed all this down with cola, as a Monday night was not quite the time for a hardshake, but on my next visit I definitely want to try one of the many sours on offer, along with some chicken and doughnuts. It’s no secret that my obsession for all things sweet and salty is overwhelming and I could definitely satisfy this at Yardbird.

The atmosphere was great too, with excellent tunes, plenty of plants dotted around and windows enticing you in with neon and adorable drawings.

I’ve seen some fairly mixed Yardbird reviews on social media but I can safely say that we had quick service and great food, and are keen to return soon!

Have you been to Yardbird? What did you eat? What should I try?

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