In a departure from our usual evening Nom Nom Clubs, this month we decided to go with a picnic. This was a slightly different style, with less of the communal cooking and chaos (although Olivia and I still got together for some of your preparations). Instead, we all arrived with our offerings, popped out some fantastic picnic blankets courtesy of Kat.

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We ate: a taleggio and roasted vegetable galette, homemade scotch eggs, sumac griddled halloumi, cheese straws, orzo salad with prawns, asparagus and feta, caramelised red onion quiche, mustardy potato salad, pesto chicken wraps, blueberry muffins, strawberries and blueberries.

We drank: Joe’s homemade ginger beer and Olivia’s homemade lemonade. They were both great! Olivia has promised to share the recipe so head over to her blog for that soon.

Everything was delicious, and whilst I love the kind of picnic that has party rings and salty snacks, it’s nearly always better to have a homemade feast.

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Of course no picnic is complete without games! We played some ridiculous bat and ball, threw some poi around and had a very civilised game of boules (I even won a couple of times!). We finished up with a marvellous Winstones ice cream. I went for the coffee one and it was creamy and perfect.


We had a really lovely day and we were so lucky with the weather. I’ll share my quiche recipe with you soon, as I seem to talk about quiche all the time at the moment!


What are your favourite picnic foods?

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