I eat yoghurt pretty much every day – on my breakfast, in salad dressings, with spicy foods, as desserts. It’s the most versatile of ingredients and I’ve wanted a yogurt maker for a long time.

Last month, after a little research, I settled on the Lakeland Electric Yoghurt Maker – this seemed the best option for me as involves little fuss and mess, as well as using very little electricity to make the yoghurt overnight.

Lakeland Electric Yoghurt Maker

Once you start the process with a little shop-bought natural yoghurt in the first batch, you can use the homemade yoghurt as the starter for all future batches, so it’s basically self-sufficient! Homemade yoghurt is quite thin, so I strain it through muslin to get a Greek-style yoghurt – a couple of hours and it’s a perfect thick yoghurt, leave it overnight and you can spread it like a ricotta, great on bagels!

homemade yoghurt straining

Now I have lovely homemade yoghurt I’m keen to do all sorts of things with it. Today I just wanted to share some very basic things I use yoghurt for, but I’ll be trying other exciting things soon.

You can add loads of toppings to homemade yoghurt because the flavour really stands up to anything – a fruit coulis would be great but I really love pistachios and honey for a Greek feel.

homemade yoghurt with honey and pistachios

Spread yoghurt in fajitas instead of soured cream or have it plain with other mezze.

homemade yoghurt on quorn fajitashomemade yoghurt with mezze

Use it in a dressing with tahini. This is especially great with a tofu and cucumber salad, or thrown over butternut squash with cardamom and limes as Ottolenghi suggests (this recipe is in Plenty and is absolutely delicious). Throw the lime skins into a cold beer and you’ve got a real Friday night treat.

butternut squash, salted limes, homemade yoghurt, tahini

There are also lots of simple desserts to be made with yoghurt. Inspired by some gooseberries at delifonseca last week I made a very quick gooseberry yoghurt fool. This is much better for you than the usual cream, but just as great. First I whipped my yoghurt to make it extra thick and creamy, then added a little icing sugar and some gooosberries lightly stewed with water. I didn’t add sugar to them as I like them tart, and you can always add more icing sugar later.

homemade yoghurt gooseberry fool

Next up I want to try baking with yoghurt – I’m particularly taken with the idea of something involving cardamom.

Have you made homemade yoghurt? What do you like to eat it with?

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