One of my favourite things about festivals is the food. Whilst others are frantically running between bands what I really want to do is investigate whether my favourite noodle place is on site, and where I can get a pie from.

As Glastonbury crew, we were well looked after with two meals a day. A daily cooked breakfast was a real treat, but you also need all those calories for the miles of walking across the site, and we usually finished the day with bakewell tart, lemon meringue pie or sprinkle-covered cake, so we were usually pretty happy. This didn’t stop us sampling a few delights from the festival along the way, so I thought I’d share those today…

Rola Wala treated us to a Goan pulled pork with beetroot paneer dhal wrap. This was simply delicious – an excellent twist on the pulled pork trend with plenty of fresh salad, sweet little pink onions and a surprise Bombay mix thrown into an amazingly light and springy bread. I loved their branding too – hopefully I’ll see them at another festival soon!

Rola Wala Beetroot Paneer Wrap

For an afternoon treat we had cake at Lynda’s Loaf in the Greenpeace fields – everyone in their beautiful stall was so kind to us! I love carrot cake and this was a particularly excellent piece but everything they had on offer looked incredible, especially as everything was organic and locally sourced. Working with the Green Trader awards made this really important for us – we tried the winners’┬áseasonal samosas which were perfectly crisp and filled with deliciously spiced vegetables, with chutney and pickles on the side, the perfect late night snack after our ciders!

Lynda's Loaf Carrot Cake

We also tried some salted dried broad beans from Hendra’s health store, also in the Greenpeace fields, but I neglected to take a picture of those! I also failed┬áto take a picture of our free good deed pie! A lost and rescued phone resulted in us making friends with the lovely people from Pieminister, who treated us all to a Heidi or a Wildshroom whilst we watched Dolly. Glastonbury was definitely one of those times when I put the pictures into my head and rarely picked up my camera – I’ve been taking lots of photos lately though so the food reports will be extra exciting in the next few weeks.

What are your favourite festival food stalls? I’m heading to my fifth WOMAD in a couple of weeks so I want to hear all your top tips!

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