This weekend I headed over the water to Bebington for a trip to Farm Feast. It promised to be a wonderful day full of food, drinks and music, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Farm Feast strawberry tunnels

After a surprisingly quick train ride we were keen to start the day with a pre-lunch snack; an amuse bouche if you will. We very quickly found the Homemade Scotch Egg Company. I’ve only recently tried a scotch egg and decided I might like them, but there were two named after me so it would have been rude not to try one! The Millie was gluten free, with fresh apple, and was definitely delicious.


We accompanied this with some spears of asparagus and hollandaise from the Claremont Farm asparagus patch. It’s always great to eat something in season, and after being massive fans of last year’s asparagus pop-up shop it was great to eat the lovely stems on the farm itself. Perfectly unctuous hollandaise, green and fresh asparagus and a tart squeeze of lemon eaten greedily with your fingers might just be a perfect dish.

We explored all over the site,where we found a sheep show in full swing, dancers opening the Aloha bar, strawberry tunnels, a tent full of cakes and a Berry and Rye hut tucked away in the trees.


We popped into the demonstration tents to see some cheese-making, which really inspired me – I can’t wait to have a go at making my own soon – and we were also lucky enough to see Brendan Lynch of Bake Off fame giving his tips on choux pastry. He suggested adding rose petals to your signets if you’re trying to seduce someone. Let’s face it, it would work on me!


We had Tiki Pimbs from Aloha, some marvellous Redwillow Seamless ale, perfectly barbecued chicken subs with crunchy slaw and chilli mango sauce, tiny crescent almondies, galette aux pêche, perfectly marinated garlic and a million samples of cheese.


The food was clearly fantastic, but I also really enjoyed getting into the countryside, especially when it was just 20 minutes out of the city. A day in wellies is always good for you.

Farm Feast was brilliant – I would thoroughly recommend and I hope we can go back next year!

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