Just like this week’s Food Report, I’ve decided to share a few of the things that I’ve been drinking this week.

So, in no particular order…IMG_2613IMG_2619

Once summer sets in, it’s never too long before I start to crave iced coffee. I’ve been making them at home, drinking them at work and unexpectedly picking them up in the supermarket. I grabbed a Jimmy’s iced coffee completely on a whim one day, but I really enjoyed it. The coffee is good, and the skinny version is still really creamy, so I imagine the original would be even nicer. There is a little sugar added, but it’s well balanced. I swear I spend half my time blogging about how I hate overly sweet drinks, but it’s true! Jimmy’s version probably isn’t going to top a freshly made iced coffee, but it’s a pretty close second, and they get extra points for OutKast references.


Last week we popped to Lucha Libre for a midweek dinner and a little frozen margharita. If you haven’t been before then definitely get one of these! They’re delicious and come in a whole host of flavours but I can particularly recommend the peach or the tamarind (this is a bit of an acquired taste though!).


We also popped along to Kaz Gardens, which has reopened for summer, and indulged in a Pimms Cup. It’s probably the biggest Pimms you’ll ever drink, and it doesn’t even set you back a fortune! I’m looking forward to heading back for food soon.


On Friday we went for the traditional post-work beverage ahead of Light Night and I sampled our newest offering, Ginger Joe. I love ginger beer in all its alcoholic and sober forms, and this was no different – good flavour and great over ice after a week at work!



To accompany our pizzas on Saturday, I made up a quick batch of sangria. I was absolutely sure I had a picnic jug, but clearly I was mistaken, so I improvised with a teapot. Sangria is the perfect drink for summer days, it brings me many happy memories of interrailing, and it can be made with the most awful of red wines if you have some that need drinking!

What are your favourite drinks for this season?

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