This week I am under the weather. In many cases, quite literally, as Liverpool has decided to see out April with some very seasonal showers. But figuratively speaking, I’ve been coming down with something for a couple of weeks and over the last two days it’s really started to make me feel groggy, achy and sad. I’m a firm believer in feeding a cold, so this evening I’m serving up sausages, mash and peas, with lots of proper gravy. Comfort food at it’s absolute finest.

What else do you do when you feel ill? Google it, of course. If you’re me you Google all the natural cold remedies, and decide to brew up a hot toddy with it all. What I’m going to list to you now sounds absolutely disgusting, but is actually delicious and is already soothing my throat and reviving my brain.


I filled my biggest mug with water twice and popped this in a pan with a cinnamon stick, a lemon and ginger tea (it always makes me think of the Thick of It obsession with lemon zingers), and a chamomile and honey tea (Twinings ones). I forgot to pick up a fresh lemon but the tea just about made up for it. I chucked in a good pinch of cayenne pepper, cinnamon and turmeric, plus a little cider vinegar (I usually measure it in the cap, so I put a couple in for this). Then a tablespoon of honey (you could add more, or I have seen other drinks like this with fruit sugar) and a glug of port. You could leave the alcohol out, or add the one of your choice, although I would recommend one of your warming hot-toddy ones such as whiskey or brandy, rather than a vodka or, say, Malibu.


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