A few weeks ago I made an extra chocolatey chocolate cake for a birthday and it was such a success I thought I would share it here! I have to admit that I am not the hugest chocolate cake fan, so if I’m going to make one it certainly has to be a little decadent.



As is my usual way I combined a few recipes to create the cake I wanted. I started out with this BBC recipe which made a great base – especially as it is a cake made with oil rather than butter. I wanted to get a really chocolate-y dense finish, though, so I chucked in 100g of chocolate chips with my cake batter. I might not do this again because you really do get melted chocolate inside instead of a beautiful crumb, but it had the others raving so this is up to your personal taste!


The ganache was taken from another BBC recipe and was also very easy – a simple case of pouring warm cream over chocolate. This was a pourable ganache rather than a thick spreadable one, but I popped it in the fridge to let it firm up and create the perfect texture. Only leave it in the fridge for a moment though, or you risk developing a chocolate ‘bloom’ and loosing your glossy finish. I chopped chocolate using the sharpest of knives to create a messy mix of curls and shards, but you could of course create more professional looking curls or some extra special sugar work for the top of your chocolate cake. This is a rather messy cake anyway so I found it best not to get too precious about the presentation!


What’s your favourite cake for an occasion? Do you have a favourite chocolate cake recipe?


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