I picked up this new Cawston Press Rhubarb this week and it was too good to not throw into the drinks report this week!

Cawston Press RhubarbCawston Press Rhubarb

I love the Cawston Press Apple and Ginger juice – my Aunt makes great cocktails with it – and I’m also a huge fan of their branding.  This all meant I was pretty pleased when Kate let me try this sparkling rhubarb version earlier this week and I saw it nestled on the shelves next to the meal deals.

It’s super tangy and refreshing, ‘deliciously tart’, just like it says on the tin! I really love that none of it is from concentrate – it really tastes like there’s real fruit all up in there instead of just a ton of sugar.

Have you tried the Cawston Press Rhubarb? What are you keeping refreshed with on these hot summer days?

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