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The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Masterchef and The Office. I also went to see Richard Ayoade’s new film The Double. As it’s an adaptation of a Dostoyevsky novella it’s fairly dark and brooding, but it’s a real audiovisual treat and certainly left me with lots to think about. In particularly loved the use of sound, as well as music, throughout. I would definitely recommend seeing it, but not if you’re looking for something hilarious directed by Moss from the IT Crowd.


Listening to I watched Frozen again, so that started another love affair with the soundtrack. Absolutely no shame. We went for a Sunday Nom Nom Club picnic and listened to the sunniest outdoor tunes.

Reading Hotel World by Ali Smith. I loved The Accidental and The First Person and Other Stories so I’m excited to get stuck into this one.

Writing All of the blog posts! Filling up that dreamy notebook.

Eating Great lunches – all about the noodle salads and couscous right now. Obviously a fantastic Nom Nom Picnic (coming up on the Food Report) and a fantastic meal with double pudding at my Nanny’s.


Talking about Old school crafts (hama beads are the best, right?), all of the weddings and engagements in the world (so much love), TV and how much people talk about TV, how great it is drinking a pint in the road, taking a minute, all the books we’re reading, how we use our skills and the power of kale.


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Masterchef, The Office, Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black. Also this excellent TED talk about why we should all be feminist. 

Listening to The Black Keys’ new songs (cannot wait for the new album), fantastic sounds at Speakeasy, The Archers (absolute drama) and This American Life. 


Reading Delicious (I’ve been trying to get inspired), essays about feminism and The Secret History (I forgot I was reading it for a few weeks there).

Writing All of the poetry (ok, maybe 2 poems, but still).


Eating Something to do with the change of seasons has made me very unsure of what I want to eat and super-lethargic lately. I’ve mostly been eating pasta, picnicky meals and Easter eggs whilst I try to even myself out, but today I got home, worked out and made a quiche, then ate it up with a huge salad. It felt great!




Talking about Bands we loved at 18, whether an MA is worth it, what people are up to now, engagements, outfits, glitter, communication, conferences and the best way to end a night out.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

IMG_2381Watching Masterchef, The Thick of It, Deputy Dawg, Sleeping Beauty, Watch with Mother. It was a weekend of childhood reminiscing at home. This is just too much.


Listening to  The new Correspondents album and anything I can play on the ukulele, plus a Saturday night trip through everything Radio 1 love and a smidgen of Tenacious D on an impromptu night out.


Reading Not enough books. This week, I promise. Instead I’ve been reading knitting patterns.

Writing Biography notes.


Eating Easter treats, obviously, including homemade hot cross buns and three puddings on Easter Sunday. Rather a lot of extravagant leftovers from French supper club.


Talking about The best way to put a bra on, which member of One Direction we are, how do bunnies cuddle, who owns space and how the economy will work there, knitting lessons, what to do with our lives, ideas people versus business people, camping, moral dilemmas, mortgages, weddings, green tea, people who don’t deserve our headspace.


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Masterchef, obviously. Let it Gorepeatedly. Black Books. The Trip – so happy to have a second series! I’m Alan Partridge (I know, I’m late to that party). New Game of Thrones – consider me excited.



Listening to Regina, R.E.M., a very Parisian playlist for the French edition of Nom Nom Club, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Bob, Pulp and Shirley Bassey, because we did the best Shirley impression on Saturday morning. 


Reading Lots of newspapers, Olive, ABM, and Sylvia.

Writing Silly quotes in the new Nom Nom Club guestbook and bonus blog posts.


Eating Lots of big salads and soup, curry, delicious plump cha siu bao from Bon Bon Bakery, and hastily homemade pizzas. As I mentioned, we held  the French edition of Nom Nom Club, but I’ll share that in this week’s Food Report. Suffice to say I ate a lot.


Lusting after A Polaroid PoGo. Why don’t they make one for iPhone? Also beautiful views, as apparently that’s all I took photos of this week.

Talking about Having six friends to stay makes for some pretty rambling far reaching conversations. In a nutshell we talked about:

Moving to new cities, differing stages of grown-up relationships, how creepy Port Sunlight looks at night, shouting at the sea, Disney favourites, inventions (patents pending), interventions, boats, a nice deck, all of the French we know, future feasts, hosting skills, the most inappropriate Cards against Humanity plays, what constitutes modern art and how an overhead railway works (we went to the Tate and the Museum of Liverpool).


This video art piece made me feel quite claustrophobic. I found the most recent DLA Piper Series: Constellations a little disappointing. We didn’t make it to the second floor but nothing really grabbed me and made me excited on the first – I’ll have to pop back and see if I find something I love upstairs. I did like Mary Martin’s Inversions, as I’ve always liked Cross which they have at the Walker, and Wolfgang Tillmans’ still life photos were excellent.

Then we headed to the museum where I was very excited to go in the overhead railway carriage and look at all the old biscuit tins!


The weekly report

The weekly report


Watching Masterchef –  the return of Tim and Shelina made me pretty excited. My sister made me watch Frozen and I flipping loved it. I’m not normally very bothered by Disney films, but I really liked the messages in Frozen, which were a move away from the usual ‘you need a man’. 

Listening to Obviously the Frozen soundtrack, which is also a strong plus to the film. Loud pumping noise to run to. Poems of the day – my favourites this week were Little God Origami and Kind of Blue


Reading I finished The Men who Stare at Goats  – it’s such an interesting book and I would thoroughly recommend it, along with Jon Ronson’s others (I’ve read The Psychopath Test and Them: Adventures with Extremists). I really enjoy his meta style of writing – his books are mostly about the process of writing a book, but within that you’re being told all his fascinating nuggets of research.

Writing Blog post ideas. Now if I could just write those posts all would be well! A couple of little story doodles too.


Eating Every time the clocks change my brain goes a little bit wrong, and alongside being exhausted, I forget everything that I like to eat. It’s no longer time for warming stews, but it’s not quite hot enough for a completely cold meal, and so I will struggle for the next few weeks with find tasty morsels. Despite all this, I managed to find plenty to scoff this week, especially with a weekend at home and a Farmers Market full of treats to try.


I had a superfood salad that had kamut in it – I’m calling it, this is the new quinoa. I also went for lunch with my grandparents and aunt at old favourite Woodruffs. I had a delicious Moroccan soup – I’ve never thought to put aubergine in soup before but this was great so I’ll be trying it soon!


Elsewhere, late night focaccia, tuna steak salad with my Mama and brother, an incredible lemon curd doughnut, all that Lebanese street food, ice cream from my childhood and a dream falafel. There were really too many pictures so my weekend will come to you in full on the Food Report.


Lusting after Everything from the Stroud Letterpress, plants, and a house of my very own. 

Talking about Adventures, scripts, Britney quotes from the Quotes Dictionary in the pub (“Wooing, so tiring”), people who expect too much (and the others who expect too little), how much strangers like my blue shoes, whether I work in a hospital (nope), what to cook for French supper club and what to wear to weddings.




The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

This week I got a little behind – I’m back now though with lots of posts for this week!


Watching I’ve been completely over-excited about the start of Masterchef, soothed and amused by too many episodes of Adventure Time and ever-so-slightly sobbing over the final season of How I Met your Mother. 

Listening to Amy Winehouse, Athlete and A Milli. Yep, apparently it’s 2008.

Reading Cookbooks, as ever. I seem to be reading about 4 books too – I need to finish some this week .

Writing Flash fiction, not quite enough blog posts, tiny journal doodles and work notes in my shiny new notebook.


Eating Free State Kitchen burgers again (top tip: the French Onion Burger is amazing and they’ll make you a single version if you don’t want to eat 2 burgers!), another lunch at East Avenue Bakehouse, a croissant with a bucket of tea in Manchester, a BLT of dreams at Baltic Bakehouse and a Lent-cheat salted caramel tart (just the one time, ok!).




The box reminded me of the bakery in Camberwick Green, which made me very happy.

Lusting after The sun that I wished for last week arrived and it was glorious. Also totes lusting after getting that hour back.

Talking about Where life is going, this being the time of our lives, appropriate music to have sex to, equal marriage, everyone being so very very strong, family dynamics, PhDs, unwanted communication, all of the dinosaurs and space at the World Museum and where the Library have hidden the Shakespeare.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Taking pictures of my Saturday shoes seems to be a new tradition

Watching Old episodes of The Office (the US version although I like both!), Mary Berry cooking some great food and silly Come Dine with Me moments. 

Listening to A lot of Fiona Apple, a little smidgen of Arctic Monkeys, some strong Motown and I can’t stop singing this.

Reading The Men Who Stare at Goats, which is ace so far – I really like Jon Ronson’s writing style. I managed to pick up two new cookbooks from the charity shop for just £2.99 this weekend, so I spent my Sunday reading them in bed.


People usually keep Delia books for life, so they’re well worth snapping up if you see them.

Writing Little poems, letters and tear-stained journal pages.



Eating A two-hour lunch at Free State Kitchen with Emily including the most incredible affogato, another brunch at Leaf with old housemates, a first meal at the new East Avenue Bakehouse (you’ll see this in detail in the Food Report on Tuesday), a quick home cooked dinner for those old housemates, noodle soup, a roast dinner and a pear and almond cake from my new River Cottage book.



Lusting after The warm sun.



Talking about No make up selfies – I think the idea of no make up selfies is amazing; women reclaiming their faces from a patriarchal standard of beauty is incredible. I also think raising over £2million pounds for Cancer Research is incredible. I’m not entirely sure where the two cross over and I’ve seen so many people clearly still wearing make up claiming they have ‘done their bit’ for cancer awareness which is pretty infuriating. All the same, it’s still great to donate. You can text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 to Cancer Research and if you have extra pennies both Teenage Cancer Trust (TEEN to 70300) and CLIC Sargent (HELP to 70030) are incredible charities very close to my heart. 

In the interests of taking my face back I take selfies all the time (there’s probably a whole post on this to come at some point) and these are a couple of no make up ones:



I also spent the week talking about big life decisions – it’s been a bit of a tough one but luckily my friends are full of love.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Watching New season Archer, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and EDL Girls, which opened my eyes to a whole range of arguments I couldn’t quite believe existed. 

Listening to The new Correspondents album – it’s the first time in ages that I’ve actually bought an album. It made me realise that whilst I wanted to buy the real life copy, I don’t even have a CD player any more. A Saturday night out that consists of getting down to Kanye (this is today’s dance in the kitchen tune too), wailing Bittersweet Symphony, screaming out Wonderwall and holding hands to One More Time is pretty good for the soul.


Reading Cookbooks, everything I can find about the Crimea, Choose Yourself and I’ve started The Men Who Stare at Goats for work book club. It was also Observer Food Monthly so everything is great.

Writing This week I added whole pages to my novel and my journal. It was great.


Eating Tacos, noodles, curry and pecan pie from the Farmers Market, a homemade Chinese feast, 2 o’clock breakfast at Leaf, bagels at Home and a little roast.




Lusting after Space prints, bread, cream and foliage.

Talking about How weird it is that I can go for lunch with ‘uni friends’, and no longer be at university; applying to university and personal statements; whether a CV means a thing; transatlantic relationships; Amsterdam; The Defining Decade; where we’ll be in a year or five or ten; plants; the merits of a good jacket; what to wear to a wedding; finding time for all the projects; productivity; Kenya; surprising girlfriends; and dream dates.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Watching Modern Family and the Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure. I love that they made their own miso and that it’s the fashion in Japan at the moment – it seems that going back to homemade is a global trend.

Listening to Apparently my Disclosure and Fleetwood Mac phase hasn’t stopped yet. I’m also listening to a whole load of radio dramas.

Reading The Secret History (I know, I’m taking my sweet time), a little book called Choose Yourself, the papers and Sylvia Plath. There is really a Plath quote for every moment.

Writing With my Lent commitment in mind, I’m adding a writing section to my weekly report. This week I wrote the shortest of cathartic short stories, a couple of blog posts, and lots of words in my journal. It’s amazing to really sit down and write again, and I’m pretty grateful to myself for making it one of my Lent promises.

photo 1


photo 4

Eating  Treats at Free State Kitchen and Lucha Libre (plus fajitas and quinoa at home, I’m clearly on a Mexican kick), homemade pizza (I need a pizza stone immediately), delicious packed lunches and breakfast bircher at my desk, quinoa with black beans, a Caribbean feast at the latest instalment of our supper club (more on this in this week’s Food Report) and apricot ice cream on a farm.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

Lusting after A country house and charity shop purchases.

Talking about Whether poached pears are really a pudding, weddings (and not being hungover for them), miso, Lent, therapy, friends really being the family you choose for yourself even if it’s a cliché, heartbreak, earning potential, vacuum cleaners not hoovers, how much we love Modern Family where we should build a village, moving to the country, sexuality, just thoughts, which is really the funniest Cards against Humanity card, travelling and snapbacks.

The weekly report

The weekly report

Watching Hardly anything. Somehow last week I just wasn’t particularly bothered by tv or films.

Listening to Lots and lots of Radio 4. It’s about time you knew that I’m an Archers addict, and discovering I could get the podcast on my phone means my morning walk into work is now spent trying not to laugh and gasp on the street. It also means I can listen to audiobooks and The News Quiz, which make me very happy. For musical sustenance, some Levellers, a little bit of Disclosure and a lot of Mac

Reading I’m back to reading The Secret History and over the weekend I started What we talk about when we talk about love, which I picked up on a whim after meaning to read it forever. It’s just perfection. I love the distilled nature of short stories (and if you have recommendations I’d love to hear them!). In the same bookshop I opened a poetry anthology onto one of my favourite poems; one of life’s lovely coincidences.



Eating  Tart and lots of salads, an incredible soup and tartine at Le Pain Quotidien, chocolate coated peanuts and some Monday blues blasting fajitas.

Lusting after Old glass bottles and my own garden (or at the very least a window box).


Talking about Books, University, if it’s really PhD time, pizza – “now I like pizza as much as the next teenager”, Palestine, the UN, poor Leo, how nobody tells me anything and Lent. As usual, I want to take up something for Lent – 40 days is enough to form a habit and really change things. Last year I took up daily yoga and not only has it stuck with me but it really changed my health and routine for the better. This year I’m going to do a couple of things – first, write every day in some form (whether that’s in my journal, blogging, adding to my novel or working on a biography). I probably do this most days anyway, but I want to commit to it being a part of my routine in a new way. Second, I’m going to do a little bit of my Feminist Politics course every day. I’ve fallen a little bit behind and I want to get back into the habit of learning, even if it’s 10 minutes reading before bed or watching a lecture when I might normally be watching Netflix. I’m probably going to give up chocolate and Lucozade too, because my sugar addiction is something else. March is definitely for challenging myself.