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The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

tiny dragon on the road welcoming you to the weekly report

A tiny road dragon welcomes you to this weekly report! The things you see during graduation week…


Watching Friends, Friends, Friends. 

Listening to Arcade Fire, Gabby Young, Ed Solo, Black Keys, Metronomy, Aloha’s 60s vibes and Heebies downstairs indie. A lot of This American Life. 

Reading All of the papers and lots of blogs, but mostly recipe books.

Writing Short stories about my dreams.

iced tea

Eating I’ve been on a massive noodle hype lately and I made an amazing curry. A decadent chocolate cake that I whipped up for a birthday and a properly British cream and strawberry cake (recipes coming next week!). I also had a great dinner at Yardbird, but that’s coming up on the food report tomorrow.

quiche, salad, potatoeschocolate ganache cake

Talking about Drinking games, embarrassing moments, kisses, holding hands, players, all of the birthdays, Timehop, getting stuck in a lift, painting, how my cayenne plant grew a pepper, Glastonbury food and my favourite Liverpool cocktails. This was a bit of a shorter weekly report this week, but you can go and read those posts instead!

strawberries and cream cake

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Old Friends episodes and the end of The Good Wife fifth season.


Listening to Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, on repeat, all day, every day. I wrote the same thing last week, and it’s still true. Of course I was also listening to our amazing friends playing at a beautiful wedding.


Reading The papers and How to Deliver a TED Talk.


Writing Lists and notes in the wedding book.


Eating I’m trying to eat up the contents of my freezer, which is always an interesting challenge. Lots of fresh veg, including some from the roof garden at work, and an absolutely gorgeous wedding breakfast, of course.

IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382

Talking about How old we clearly are if our friends are allowed to get married, forgiveness and being good people, jazzy and snazzy as probably the best compliments ever, podcasts, not watching television, players, tequila, event planning, “quiet August”, holiday planning, what to do with our lives, how it’s probably best to decide what to do with the next year, soulmates, hair dye, having children young, Water Aid, japes and capes, Tinder dates, mini-pegs, raucous friends, wed-minton and pride.

I really had a super beautiful week – how was yours?


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching I’m coming towards the end of The Good Wife, a lot of Friends – I’ve seen hardly any of the early episodes so I’m really enjoying them, and just a little Sabrina. I’m also not ashamed to admit I’ve re-watched the Arcade Fire set from Glastonbury too.


Listening to Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, on repeat, all day, every day.

Reading The papers and poetry.


Writing Just a little bit of a novel this week, which was pretty great. IMG_3305IMG_3314

Eating A lot of beetroot and feta or goat’s cheese, a lot of vegetables, some Italian bakery treats from the market, a Leaf lunch and a Leaf breakfast. IMG_3317

For Sunday dinner with friends I made a rather excellent Asian marinated salmon courtesy of Jamie Oliver, with some coconut rice, sesame cucumber salad and an Asian slaw. This was one of those meals where you pick a centrepiece and then have to throw together the sides, but it worked out rather well. We followed it up with Eton mess, so everyone was happy!


Talking about Whether we could just go to festivals for the rest of our lives, boats, party planning, creating a family of friends, weddings, cooking, the importance of cheese, post-Glasto blues, box sets, uni, boys, fame, loving Greenpeace and which popstar we are.

The Weekly Report: Glastonbury

The Weekly Report: Glastonbury

Pyramid Stage GlastonburyGlastonbury

I was at Glastonbury last week so this week’s report is a little more packed than usual…

We headed down on Tuesday to get ourselves set up and help out with the auditing for the Green Trader Awards. I cannot recommend working festivals enough – we had a super fun time talking to hundreds of friendly people on site, camping with the best crew and hanging out with the Greenpeace gang, and then partying and marauding into the night when the work was done.

Pyramid Backstage GlastonburyBar of Ideas Shangri-La Glastonbury

Watching and listening to Arcade Fire, Lana del Ray, a bit of Kelis, The Black Keys, Dolly Parton (obviously), The 1975, Metallica and their beach balls, the beautiful tones of Caro Emerald drifting up the hill, Seven Nation Army from afar, Blondie, Pixies, Bombay Bicycle Club, Massive Attack, Disclosure’s Arcadia DJ set, a bit of Bonobo, Electric Swing Circus and The Correspondents. I think that might be everyone but the days really blur into one so I’m not entirely sure. We also saw our fair share of sword throwing, elaborate costumes, puppets, giant polar bears, Greenpeace boat launches, soundchecks, exceptional flags, fire breathing stages, mud slides, inappropriate snogs and people who had peaked too early on Wednesday.

GlastonburyAurora Greenpeace Save the Arctic Polar Bear Glastonbury

Reading My little note from The Correspondents, which made my hungover Monday (thanks Laura and Mr Bruce!).

The Correspondents GlastonburyWest Holts Backstage Glastonbury

Writing So many journal pages, I’m not even done yet. Lists of everything hilarious (because we are hilarious). This piece that ended up on the Glastonbury website! A few additions to our extensive itinerary.

Glastonbury Itinerary

Eating I’ll post a separate Food Report on my Glastonbury snacks, but we mostly ate a lot of crew food and sprinkle-covered cake.

Aurora Greenpeace Save the Arctic Polar Bear Glastonbury

Talking about Sinkholes of criticism, mud, men in fezzes, names for our future children, being sassy not sappy, “Please don’t get squashed it’s a lot more paperwork”, the most embarrassing sex stories we could muster (it was legitimate book research, of course), babes, storytelling, Wuthering Heights, why no one has named their falafel stall Just Falaffs (maybe we’ll do this!), Jen’s exceptional travelling bar, having banter with authority, Venn diagrams, self esteem, puns, points, Articulate, Cards against Humanity, the weather (including the chance of glitter and pie, which were always high), the ultimate seduction techniques, whether we could stay at Glastonbury forever, wild Pokemon and moderate opinions.

Stern stage Glastonbury

It really was the most beautiful week with old friends and a whole new family. I want to go back immediately, but I suppose I’ll settle for next year.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Really not very much. A little of The Good Wife and Game of Thrones (oh my gosh) but mostly I’ve been frolicking outside.


Listening to A lot of Britney, a lot of the Heebies playlist to get us through a big move at work and plenty of 50s tunes to prepare for a very 50s wedding. IMG_3137IMG_3139

Reading I lost my copy of Hotel World but I found it again this week. It’s really such an excellent book.

Writing Too few blog posts again. Must try harder!


Eating Amazing wedding pizza, 9 pies, delicious haricot beans with artichokes and lemons, beetroot carpaccio with feta and a minty lemon dressing, the most amazing tart and ice cream at my Nanny’s house. Family dinner is truly my favourite thing. I picked up some lovely rhubarb at the farmer’s market last week and it inspired a rhubarb and ginger chutney, just in time for Father’s Day!


Talking about How much changes in just a few years, how flipping hilarious we all are, where I want to live for life, becoming grown up, expressing emotions properly, froyo, my plants (I’m obsessed), glitter, Glastonbury, going on retreat and knowing our strengths.

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend and it prompted lots of discussion of how long we’ve all known each other, how far we’ve come and just how much we love each other (yeah, that might have been the cider talking).


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching The Good Wife, it’s excellent! I also went to see the What We Did Next production of Carousel at The Unity on Wednesday. It was fantastic, conjuring up a perfect atmosphere and I’ve had the songs in my head all week.

Listening to The Frozen soundtrack, all of the time, a whole lot of Brit Pop and The Archers, of course.


Reading Nothing at all, it would seem. I keep falling asleep with books instead of reading them.

Writing Very late blog posts. I caught up though!


Eating Lots of yoghurt, of course. I’ve been a little off with my meals this week, leaving it too late to eat and throwing random things on a plate. But I did have some excellent Ottolenghi meals of black pepper tofu and butternut squash with limes. I finally made it along to Frederiks on Hope Street for a pre-theatre dinner. The eatery style is perfect for sharing lots of little pieces – we loved the sliders, slaw and salt and vinegar potatoes, but for me the real stars were those little merguez sausages with a fresh tomato and onion relish.


I also had a pint of their own lager, which was excellent – there’s a great selection of beers on tap as well as delicious sounding cocktails and a spirit shelf that would impress a serious connoisseur.


Talking about Planting out my little ones, how exciting life might get if I wait just a year, the disposable world we live in – I can’t believe how much stuff people have that they just don’t care about, wine, wedding plans, the best methods of curling hair, herbal teas, mystery hand holding, how to use the ridiculous things in my freezer and the best sunsets.


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching I started watching The Good Wife this week and I really like it! It almost makes me want to become a lawyer.

Listening to I went to the Summer Ball at work on Friday so I’ve been hearing a whole lot of Clean Bandit and Foreign Beggars. Special mention for the Juicy DJs who played Blu Cantrell, Independent Woman and loads of other favourites.


Reading Byron Katie’s Loving What Is and How to Deliver a TED Talk. I keep trying to read lately but instead I fall asleep with a book on my face.

Writing Lists, mostly, and texts that I never send.


Eating The asparagus I got at Claremont Farm last week. I made a quick Saturday supper of asparagus, poached eggs and homemade hollandaise. I’d never attempted a hollandaise before and I have to admit I made a split attempt first, but on my second pan it was a success! Another skill for my repertoire. Lots of other Farm Feast leftovers in delicious couscous salad, homemade almond biscuits, an amazing goats cheese with beetroot at Leaf and a great Baltic Bakehouse feta and tahini sandwich.


Talking about Food, boys, how much my little plants are growing, which camera I’d like next and how young people are. On Friday night there were people not dancing to Destiny’s Child! Couldn’t handle it.


IMG_2917 IMG_2921

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching I’ve replaced my Masterchef consumption with Great British Menu. Arrested Development – it never gets old.

Listening to Frank Turner, Metronomy, Little Roy, The Strokes, Black Keys, Black Ghosts, Woman’s Hour.

Reading How to Deliver a TED Talk, lots of interesting stuff about careers here, and plenty of poetry.


Writing Summer drinks recommendations and pizza party posts, plus pages and pages in my journal and my little poetry notebook. It’s good to get inspired.


Eating Delicious Ottolenghi aubergines and a post-work ice cream treat. I went to Manchester on Saturday and had lunch at Home Sweet Home. On Jess’ recommendation I tried their cheeseburger toastie. Despite expecting this to be a bit of an overly decadent heavy lunch, it was surprisingly light and absolutely delicious. The sweet potato fries were the perfect mix of fluffy, crisp and salty. We followed up with cakes – a peanut butter and chocolate cake for me with Reese’s pieces on top, a cloudy chocolate and buttercream for Jess. This one was made for Katy Perry’s dressing room! I loved Home Sweet Home – I’ll definitely visit again!


I also had lots of fabulous food at the Farm Feast on Sunday – it’s all coming in the Food Report, of course.


Talking about 

Making things genuinely homemade – I really believe in making things from scratch, and it’s so frustrating looking for recipes that use loads of pre-made ingredients. Growing things (I’ve been planting all sorts of things in my little window garden), awful games of would you rather, the price of makeup, how to make cheese, how hell is probably a never-ending iMessage typing bubble, inappropriate dreams, making the jump from 10k to half marathon, how much my style fits Manchester better than Liverpool and blogging – my friends Grace and Kat both started new blogs this week and I’m so excited to read their posts!


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Masterchef – totes emosh. Game of Thrones – I’m really glad it seems to have got exciting again because there were a couple of episodes where I thought maybe I was bored with it.


Listening to Matt Costa, Jack Johnson, Vance Joy, The Black Ghosts, She & Him, Robyn, Frank Turner, Damien Rice, Jazzsteppa, The Cat Empire, Gabby Young, Regina and lots more. I’ve been doing a lot of dancing this week.

Reading Lots of things for my feminist politics course – it’s pretty fascinating! I’ve also been adding to my cookbooks (I know, it’s an affliction) so they’re getting some attention.


Writing I spent a couple of lunchtimes this week writing bits for my novel. I’d fallen a little out of love with it but I think having a little holiday and feeling creative again has rekindled it for me.

Eating Some lovely fresh soups with spring greens and poached eggs, lots of delicious treats from my colleagues’ birthday gift, some great lunches (a post on this is coming soon), a picnic in Abercromby Square, a Thursday night treat at Lucha Libre (prawn and mango tacos, yes!), Food Slam deliciousness on Friday and homemade pizza on Saturday (more on this in this week’s Food Report).


Talking about Texting, scandals, revolution, the best way to make an iced coffee, who keeps cruising up and down the marina, meal plans, Ottolenghi, A Levels, how grown up everyone is, weddings, whether we should start a street food stall, whether I should become a teacher (having my yearly crisis where I decide it’s my calling), Game of Thrones theories, being a graduand, why people always pop up when you just don’t need them to, birthdays, love at first sight, revision techniques and passwords.

Summer really hit for me this week, with lots of time spent outside soaking up the sun and laughing til my sides hurt. It’s beautiful!


The weekly report

The weekly report


Watching MasterchefThe Office, Black Books, Frozen (yes, again). 

Listening to Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet – I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the recording and I got to ask a question! It was an incredibly interesting recording, and I was obviously very excited to have my question picked. Also a lot of Disney soundtracks, Jack Johnson, inappropriate Tenacious D and a rendition of Like a Prayer that prompted a full on ‘what just happened?’ response.


Reading Still Hotel World by Ali Smith – it’s fantastic!

Writing Not enough blog posts – I missed this week’s Drinks Report, but it’ll be back next week! I wrote pages and pages in my journal instead, which was just good for my brain.


Eating So much great food! It was my birthday last week, and I had a week off work so I was back at home in Gloucestershire. We went to the falafel shop for lunch and Hobbs House Bakery (of the Fabulous Baker Brothers fame) for tea and tarts. I also had the most amazing birthday cake – my Mama is the best.


Talking about The power of the political system, oppression, fear, how much wine is enough, dates, selfies, the worst kind of cookbooks, birthdays, Game of Thrones theories, geographical knowledge, how people are great, climbing (I went bouldering for the first time in a million years and boy, was I awful. Next time I’ll be bad, and the time after that I might just be ok), moral dilemmas, secret Instagrams, what everyone I know was doing when they were 24 (getting married, mostly. Sorry to disappoint), India, interrailing, teaching, Otter’s Adventure (the ultimate CD-ROM game) and uncompromised lives.

It’s been a wonderful week and I’ve been feeling very grateful for all the amazing people and things in my life. It’s good to remember that sometimes.