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The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Watching  A lot of Christmassy YouTube videos, The Apprentice, some random business webinars, Master of None season 2 and Sex and the City. I got the box set on Black Friday and it’s so gloriously ’90s!

Listening to Christmas tunes, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and the new Agatha Raisin book, The Witches’ Tree. 

Reading I finished Men without Women by Murakami this week. I had been reading it in the summer, but I didn’t want to take such a heavy book around America so I left it behind. It was such a joy to read and such an absorbing book that it kept me occupied during a solo dinner at one of my favourite restaurants.

The lovely Tabitha also wrote an excellent post about bookstagram.

Writing Product listings, my novel, and a drinks pairing for Storyland Cross Stitch.

Eating Too many mince pies! Lots of party food for a family birthday, a great Italian meal at Amalfi in Nailsworth, and the best cheese sandwich.

Drinking Lots of sparkling wine at a Majestic tasting. If you have a Majestic near you, I highly recommend their tastings. They’re super informative and you usually get a voucher to spend at the end of the evening. I also tried a delicious organic Merlot from Waitrose and I’ve been enjoying all of the teas from my Bluebird Tea Co advent calendar.

Talking about Wine, moving house, Christmas plans, what our values would have been if we were born in a different time, new websites, and stories from our trip to America.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Watching The Apprentice, Cuckoo, and a lovely afternoon episode of Come Dine With Me. I also watched a couple of episode of Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix which is a pretty fun show to fill the GBBO void!

Listening to I finally started listening to Christmas tunes; namely Pentatonix. I also listened to Philip Pullman giving a talk at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. It was so lovely to hear his voice in real life because I have listened to the audiobooks of His Dark Materials. It felt so warm and cozy to be in a room full of people listening to him. He was also very insightful about the books and his writing process.

Reading I started reading Autumn by Ali Smith. I was super keen to read this so I’m a little bit disappointed that I’ve found it difficult to get into so far. I’ll stick with it though.

Writing My first novel and several blog posts about cheese for one of my freelance clients.

Eating Delicious breakfasts at both Leaf and East Avenue Bakehouse, a fun dinner at Maray and incredible Indian food at Mowgli. I’m gearing up to eat some Christmassy food soon!

Drinking Probably a few too many cocktails at Mowgli, Maray and Berry and Rye. A particularly good Aperol Spritz at The Quarter. A London Fog at Leaf which was just brilliant, and their Turkish Apple Tea, which is a firm favourite of mine.  Mulled wine at Kazimier Gardens.

Talking about New jobs, style, dating, Disney lovers, Christmas, our new house, TV options, gin, cryptocurrencies, libraries, and how to plan well.



The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching The end of the Bake Off, with new pyjamas, pie and pudding; Educating the East End, a rewatch of Peep Show and a weekend dose of Spaced.


Listening to The new podcast from the This American Life team, SerialIt’s absolutely engrossing, and I love how much the team are working to get new people listening to podcasts.

Reading Still The Secret History. It’s taking me forever but I don’t care because I love it.


Writing I wrote a very quick poem in my new notebook this week and it felt great.


Eating A completely incredible meal at the London Carriage Works (coming up on the Food Report), a Mexican supper club meal, an afternoon tea, a Byron burger, pancakes and bacon, fresh produce from the roof garden, a wonderfully made chicken and chorizo stew, Ottolenghi ricotta fritters and the first soups of autumn.

IMG_3986IMG_3982IMG_3990IMG_3993 copy

Talking about Liverpool, London, exciting new opportunities, dates, photos, people being adorable, my dream shop and sleep (or lack of it).

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Bake Off, Cuckoo, too much Saturday morning cookery TV. 

Listening to The Archers, This American Life, lots of Fleetwood Mac.


Reading Sadly I’ve been a little bit too busy for reading books – I’ll try to get some done this week! I did grab a copy of Bitten though, which I’m really enjoying, and I’ve been lusting over my copy of Plenty More!

Writing A million emails.


Eating Lots of Ottolenghi, including a salad made my his very own hand. That was at the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, where we also sampled tiny pulled pork sliders, halloumi, Dukes Cold Brew coffee and various baked treats. It was an excellent way to  spend a weekend!


Talking about Liverpool and how much I love it, buying fresh produce, what I’d keep on my smallholding, and rather obviously, food!


The PS Waverley

The PS Waverley

For my Grandpa’s 80th birthday back in February we booked tickets on the PS Waverley – the last seafaring paddle steamer in the world!

It’s been up in Scotland for the summer so we waited until last weekend to use our tickets and spent a Sunday cruising the seas.

PS Waverley - Clevedon PierPS Waverley - Clevedon PierClevedon PierClevedon Pier

We set off from Clevedon Pier in the wonderful, lucky sunshine, before sailing out down the Bristol Channel, past the Welsh coast, and on to Ilfracombe. There we were greeted by the Town Crier and a bizarrely large crowd; we waved at lots of people!

PS WaverleyPS WaverleyPS WaverleyPS WaverleyIMG_3718

We also saw Verity, the Damien Hirst sculpture on the Ilfracombe pier. Having only seen artists’ impressions back when the sculpture was first proposed, I was expecting to really dislike it, but I found it incredibly compelling. It’s currently the tallest sculpture in the UK, and she makes an impressively striking feature against the landscape.

PS Waverley PS WaverleyPS WaverleyPS Waverley

From Ilfracombe we sailed out along the Atlantic Coast, where we happened to get a little wave from the RAF Rescue helicopter whilst sitting out on deck with a perfectly chilled glass of Pinot Grigio.

We were out for just over 10 hours so there was plenty of time to explore the boat. You can go in the engine room and see everything working, and I loved all the little places to stand and let the sea air blow through your hair! I was really surprised by how relaxing the whole experience was – once you’re out at the water you can’t feel bad that you aren’t cleaning or doing some work, because you’re on a boat! Instead we whiled away the time chatting, reading, playing card games, picnicking, drinking lots of coffee and wine, taking far too many photos of the absolutely stunning scenery and sunning ourselves out on the deck.

PS WaverleyPS WaverleyPS Waverley - Damien Hirst Verity at Ilfracombe

The PS Waverley was a really great day out for our family and I’d definitely recommend it for yours. Just remember to take lots of activities along and don’t forget your cameras!

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


Watching Bake Off, Cuckoo. 


Listening to The Archers, This American Life, The Food Programme, lots of Black Keys and Beirut.

Reading The Secret History. The lovely new Yoga Journal layout, especially this great advice on yoga for runners.


Writing All of the lists I mentioned last week are now in my lovely Acad-Pad!

Eating Extra amazing fajitas and guacamole, Nigel Slater’s herb burgers, chakchouka, beautiful British strawberries, a perfect picnic on a boat, and then another one on a train. It’s been a week of travelling up and down the country.


Talking about Family, the future, boats. We went on the only seafaring paddle steamer in the world this weekend. It was the absolute best, but it’s probably a post all of its own considering how many pictures I took!


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


An ever so slightly belated weekly report, but it’s been a very good week! I returned home from Bournemouth to spend time with my family, and then to Fieldview (which you can see above). It was a beautiful week with family and incredible friends who might as well be family. It was a rather wonderful place to see summer drifting away.

Watching Bake Off of course. I’ve rekindled my love of Green Wing, which is providing endless entertainment. I haven’t made it to watching Doctor Who yet, but it’s on the list.


Listening to The Archers (such drama), everyone’s Desert Island Discs, the wonderful tunes at Fieldview this weekend, lots of Electric Swing Circus and a smidgen of Pixies.

Reading I finished The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared and we discussed it at book club which was just fabulous. All books should be discussed over soup and tiffin making. I’ve started The Secret History by Donna Tartt, which I’ve had on my Kindle forever with the intention of reading but not got around to.


Writing More short stories. I can’t seem to stop the words. Endless lists. I realised this week that I hadn’t ordered a new Acad-Pad and it is September already, but one is on its way to me as I speak!

Eating Some excellent hometime meals, a 2-in-1 pie, Olivia’s incredible pad thai, a dreamy lunch after hours on the train, zingy grapefruits, a halloumi and orange salad, lots of blackberries, some of them baked into a crumble cake, the best mid-festival burger of my life and a fairly excessive amount of chocolate treats.

IMG_3656 IMG_3655IMG_3643

Talking about Smooches, scavenger hunts, trains, additional pylons, inappropriate games, life admin, when it’s time to be a grown up, the start of term and first days at school, pensions, parties, Christmas, superhero powers, coffee, sewing skills, how my chillies turned red! 


The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report

Mudeford Quay

This weekly report is mainly brought to you with pictures from beautiful Dorset. I headed to Bournemouth this weekend for a mini holiday with some of my favourite people, plenty of food and lots of games.

Watching The Bake Off and Educating Yorkshire a year on.


Listening to All of my wonderful friends’ Desert Island Discs. It’s the best game – play it with your pals! The whole family caught up with The Archers yesterday – lots of yucking and screaming ensued.


Reading The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared. Read it, it’s excellent (I’ll probably write up a more detailed report on this if you’re not convinced!).

PancakesSconesDavid Bowie drinks breakfast of champions breakfast

Writing Lots of notes from lengthy, tea-fuelled, creative meetings. A few extra short stories – I’m coming to the point where these might be ready to be put into a little collection.

tiffinP1080634P1080627 P1080628

Eating So much food! Last week was mostly spent using up ingredients ahead of leaving for a week off. Then I headed to Bournemouth where we picnicked, cooked a Nom of the Seas feast, had the best breakfasts and whipped up an amazing roast. It was a weekend of love and deliciousness; you can’t really ask for more out of a bank holiday.

The Weekly Report: Mudeford Quay

Talking about Our best creative ideas, travel plans, being superheroes, cape making, being grown ups, scores out of 10, moderate opinions, confusing Desert Island Discs, ridiculous sexual encounters, dating techniques, Tinder, creating the dream family, buying a house, nesting, the best method of catching crabs, keen texters, the others who never text back, hand holding, assertiveness, being borderline aggressive, inappropriate games, how terrible we are at drunkticulate.

The Weekly Report

The Weekly Report


I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a proper weekly report. By way of apology this post is extra picture heavy and you can still see what I’ve been up to in my WOMAD report, a review of Phom Tea, a Game of Thrones themed Nom Nom Club, a review of dinner at Yardbird, or a baking adventure with a very chocolatey cake.


Watching The bake off (although I’m not a fan of an extra slice), Parks and Recreation (about time), Friends, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Listening to Arcade Fire, James Blake, all the things I listened to in 2009, The Coral, This American Life, an incredible Fleetwood Mac remix that we discovered courtesy of Greg Wilson at WOMAD. 


Reading I’m halfway through The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared in preparation for a Bournemouth based book club next week. It’s charming and hilarious!


Writing A short story about walking home without noticing.

IMG_3495 IMG_3496

Eating Lots of aubergine, halloumi, tomatoes and courgettes. This late summer and the Farmers’ Market have perfectly combined to make me crave all of the vegetables. A Sunday night treat at Host, moussaka with tahini, lotsa spaghetti, a peach upside down cake, the best salad I’ve ever made (recipe for this and the cake coming up on the blog tomorrow), baked feta with lots of herbs, an extra amazing brunch at Boston Tea Party with my dreamy pals, a thrown together mezze, pancakes stacked up with almond butter and agave, a Saturday night dinner at Nolita Cantina with some of my favourite people and a Sunday night curry feast.


Talking about Bikes, being a tourist where you live, gossip, how to pick your Desert Island Discs, why one of my favourite people is moving to Yemen, beekeeping and how beautiful Ness Gardens are. 

The WOMAD Report

The WOMAD Report


A few weekends ago I headed to WOMAD. This was my fifth (or sixth?) time heading to Charlton Park, as it’s so close to home and is just our favourite festival to jump around at, and so this Weekly Report is dedicated to its glory!


Watching A workshop with Beatbox Collective, the Sunday save the world parade, a lot of dancing, Fat Freddy’s Drop cooking ceviche at the Taste the World stage.


Listening to Monsieur Domani, Chicha Libre (so much dancing), Manu Dibango, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (a semi-religious experience), Congo Natty (the best jungle ever), Septeto Santiaguero, Snarky Puppy, Fat Freddy’s Drop (the name on everyone’s lips all weekend), Dhol Foundation, Justin Vali & Ny Malagasy Orkestra, Vinicio Capossela & The Post Office Band, Fatoumata Diawara & Roberto Fonseca, Greg Wilson, Public Service Broadcasting (a particular highlight filling our Sunday night with joy), Baghdaddies, DJ Green Fingers.

Pieminister at WOMADPieminister at WOMADPieminister at WOMADPieminister at WOMAD

Eating A lot of tent-warm brioche, Thai green curry, a Pieminister Heidi (always), the best goat’s cheese filled butternut squash I’ve ever eaten from Lulu’s Cafe.

Thai green curry at WOMADLulu's Cafe at WOMAD

Drinking Pimms (as always), cider and wine in boxes, the most satisfying cold lager, my favourite Bee Sting, iced coffee from Crocker & Woods.


Talking about New ways of living, Burning Man, Australia, having our families with us at a festival (it was the best), amazing music, love, and how we never wanted to go home.