12. 03. 2014

The Food Report: Caribbean Supper Club

I really love creating new traditions. My friends and I can sometimes be a bit stuck in our ways when it comes to our little rituals and places to go, but we’re still...

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06. 03. 2014

The Drinks Report: Lassi and books

Hello! First up on this week’s drinks report, mango lassi. For those of you who don’t know, lassi is an Indian yoghurt-based drink, the mango version of which is now almost widely available...

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04. 03. 2014

The Food Report

Today’s Food Report comes to you in 3 parts: food I ate, food I made and some news. Food I ate Today for a team lunch at work we went to Free State...

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27. 02. 2014

The Drinks Report: Instant Teas

Alongside the food report, I am also starting a drinks report – here you’ll find tea, coffee, wine and the occasional wildcard. Enjoy! As a lover of tea, I was dubious about the...

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25. 02. 2014

The Food Report: Leek and Taleggio Tart

Since the ‘eating’ section of my weekly report normally takes over the post I have decided to start a separate food report for recipes, reviews and so on. I hope you enjoy it!...

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