• The Kidson Report
19. 08. 2014

The Food Report: Peach Recipes

I’ve mentioned before how I struggle to pick favourite dishes but I can always pinpoint my favourite flavours. Almond, peppermint and lemon are all high up on my list, but peaches are really...

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18. 08. 2014

The Weekly Report

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a proper weekly report. By way of apology this post is extra picture heavy and you can still see what I’ve been...

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17. 08. 2014

The WOMAD Report

A few weekends ago I headed to WOMAD. This was my fifth (or sixth?) time heading to Charlton Park, as it’s so close to home and is just our favourite festival to jump around...

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14. 08. 2014

The Drinks Report: Phom Tea

This evening I accompanied this beaut of a sunset with a cup of Phom Tea. I was excited to see this tea on Dragon’s Den a few weeks ago (in its previous incarnation...

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13. 08. 2014

The Food Report: Nom of Thrones

It was time for another Nom Nom Club this weekend, and in honour of a very special housewarming we visited Exeter via Westeros for a Game of Thrones themed feast. We ate: a...

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05. 08. 2014

The Food Report: A Chocolatey Chocolate Cake

A few weeks ago I made an extra chocolatey chocolate cake for a birthday and it was such a success I thought I would share it here! I have to admit that I...

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23. 07. 2014

The Drinks Report: Cawston Press Rhubarb

I picked up this new Cawston Press Rhubarb this week and it was too good to not throw into the drinks report this week! I love the Cawston Press Apple and Ginger juice –...

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22. 07. 2014

The Food Report: Yardbird

Last week after a rather arduous train journey I met Kate for a trip to Yardbird, the newly opened chicken shop on the corner of Berry St and Duke St in Liverpool. As...

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21. 07. 2014

The Weekly Report

A tiny road dragon welcomes you to this weekly report! The things you see during graduation week…   Watching Friends, Friends, Friends.  Listening to Arcade Fire, Gabby Young, Ed Solo, Black Keys, Metronomy, Aloha’s 60s...

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19. 07. 2014

The Drinks Report: Cocktails

The last week seems to have been very cocktail themed for me – a quick sunny Bramble on Wednesday, giving my favourite recipe recommendations for birthday parties, Pimms Cups and unexpected gin on...

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