Watching Masterchef –  the return of Tim and Shelina made me pretty excited. My sister made me watch Frozen and I flipping loved it. I’m not normally very bothered by Disney films, but I really liked the messages in Frozen, which were a move away from the usual ‘you need a man’. 

Listening to Obviously the Frozen soundtrack, which is also a strong plus to the film. Loud pumping noise to run to. Poems of the day – my favourites this week were Little God Origami and Kind of Blue


Reading I finished The Men who Stare at Goats  – it’s such an interesting book and I would thoroughly recommend it, along with Jon Ronson’s others (I’ve read The Psychopath Test and Them: Adventures with Extremists). I really enjoy his meta style of writing – his books are mostly about the process of writing a book, but within that you’re being told all his fascinating nuggets of research.

Writing Blog post ideas. Now if I could just write those posts all would be well! A couple of little story doodles too.


Eating Every time the clocks change my brain goes a little bit wrong, and alongside being exhausted, I forget everything that I like to eat. It’s no longer time for warming stews, but it’s not quite hot enough for a completely cold meal, and so I will struggle for the next few weeks with find tasty morsels. Despite all this, I managed to find plenty to scoff this week, especially with a weekend at home and a Farmers Market full of treats to try.


I had a superfood salad that had kamut in it – I’m calling it, this is the new quinoa. I also went for lunch with my grandparents and aunt at old favourite Woodruffs. I had a delicious Moroccan soup – I’ve never thought to put aubergine in soup before but this was great so I’ll be trying it soon!


Elsewhere, late night focaccia, tuna steak salad with my Mama and brother, an incredible lemon curd doughnut, all that Lebanese street food, ice cream from my childhood and a dream falafel. There were really too many pictures so my weekend will come to you in full on the Food Report.


Lusting after Everything from the Stroud Letterpress, plants, and a house of my very own. 

Talking about Adventures, scripts, Britney quotes from the Quotes Dictionary in the pub (“Wooing, so tiring”), people who expect too much (and the others who expect too little), how much strangers like my blue shoes, whether I work in a hospital (nope), what to cook for French supper club and what to wear to weddings.




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